Friday, 16 November 2012

Issue 10 2012-13

Newsletter Issue 10

Friday 16th November 2012

Dear Parent/Carer,
The children look fantastic today in their pyjama style attire. Thank you to everyone, who has donated £1 to the Children in Need charity. So far we have raised an amazing £298.10. I held an assembly for Key Stage 2 on Monday, which highlighted some of the fantastic organisations the charity supports and we as a school are proud to be helping a cause which improves the quality of life for children all over the UK. Thanks also to all who have so quickly prepared a shoe box as part of our support for the Operation Christmas Child charity. Christmas makes us all think about those children around the world who have been born into situations much less fortunate than our own and I feel that it is important that the children gain an awareness of how lucky they are to have the basic privileges in their own lives. Keep the shoe boxes coming before Wednesday 21st November, folks!

Welcome to our new friends
This week, we welcomed Reese, Callum and Aaron into our school for their transition day and they will be starting with us on Monday in Year 4, Year 2 and Year 5 respectively. Most of you know that the boys are profoundly deaf, which means we are also welcoming some new members to our staff. Welcome Mrs Henshall, Mrs Philips and Miss Morris, who will be working as Communication Support Workers with the boys. Mrs Livesey will join us on a Friday only.

Dogs in the playground
It has been brought to my attention that a number of parents have been bringing their dogs along at pick up time. Can I remind you that we cannot permit dogs to enter the grounds due to health and safety restrictions. Thank you.

Christmas Fayre
Our PTA Christmas Fayre is fast approaching. We are still in need of donations for the tombola. We need unwanted gifts such as soft toys and smellies, also bottles of wine and beer and really anything that you think will make a fantastic prize.
The PTA are working so hard to help the event come together so please do show your support by providing us with anything that you can contribute…. and by being there on December 1st, between 10:30a.m and 12:30p.m, of course!

The Hoodie!
Miss Pensom has set up a fantastic new blog, which showcases the brilliant learning that is taking place in her after school magazine club. The online magazine blog is named The Hoodie and contains some really high quality and highly entertaining pieces of writing. My thanks to Miss Pensom for this fantastic addition to our blogs and her commitment to this fabulous after school club. It will be linked to our website soon but in the meantime, please visit to see the outcomes.
Weather appropriate clothing
We can safely say that summer is well and truly in the past. Please make sure you send your child into school with appropriate clothing. Many children appear to be without coats at playtimes and I’m sure you’ll agree, it really is rather too nippy to be without one.

          Christmas date reminders
1/12/12- 10:30a.m- 12:30p.m Christmas Fayre
18/12/12-  2:00 p.m – 3:00 p.m Lower Key Stage 2 Christmas Production
19/12/12- 10:00a.m Nursery Christmas Production
19/12/12- 2:00 p.m- 3:00 p.m KS1 Christmas Production
19/12/12- 6:00 p.m- 7:00 p.m LKS2 Christmas Production
20/12/12- KS1 and UKS2 Christmas Parties
20/12/12- 6:00p.m- 7:00p.m KS1 Christmas Production
20/12/12- 7:00 p.m- 8:00p.m Choir Concert at Rothwell Church
20/12/12- 11:00a.m- 12:00 p.m Reception Production
21/12/12- 10:00a.m Nursery Christmas Production
21/12//12- LKS2 and Nursery Christmas Party
21/12/12- 2:00- Year 5/6 Christmas Service and carols round the tree

That’s all for now so have a lovely, restful weekend everyone.

Mrs Dale

Nursery newsletter
Yet again we have had a fabulous week in nursery learning all about the story of Rama and Sita and engrossing ourselves in traditional Diwali celebrations. The children have really enjoyed learning about Diwali. In general the children have now really settled into nursery life and it is terrific to see all the fabulous learning that is taking place both through play and during our carpet time and activities.
In literacy this week we have learnt about the wonderful story of Rama and Sita. We re-told the story using puppets and different voices. The children continue to impress us with their phonics knowledge. Our phonics sessions are really fun and rewarding for the children, it is a real pleasure to watch the enjoyment on their faces. This week in phonics we have been thinking about whether sounds are slow or fast and have been making them go slower or faster. In numeracy the children have been comparing quantities using the vocabulary smaller and bigger. The diva lamps that the children have produced are fantastic and are ready to be decorated next week.  They will be very sparkly so they will be perfect to help guide Rama and Sita back home!
We will continue to learn about Diwali and we will be concentrating on all the different preparations we need to make for our Diwali party next Wednesday and Friday. In literacy we will be looking at the story of Rama and Sita as well as thinking about the religion of Hinduism. In topic we are going to decorate our beautiful Diva lamps with lots of sparkles on to help guide Rama and Sita safely home and we are going to make some yummy coconut barfi. In numeracy we will be looking at the names of shapes and making some gorgeous Diwali patterns with lines of symmetry in.
·        Please listen to your child’s fabulous reading once a day and comment in their reading record. Please feel free to drop in and change their books when you pick them up.
·        Please practice counting to 10 and beyond with your child at any opportunity. Please also practise writing and recognising the numbers 1-6 with them. If your child can do both of these then please help them go even further.
·        Please practise writing the first letter of your Child’s name and if they can do this try going even further with them. Well done to those children who can now write their first name!
We hope you have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Steel and the Nursery Team
Reception newsletter
This week we have all been on an exciting aeroplane journey all the way to India. The children got dressed in their saris and eagerly boarded our Boeing 757 where they were greeted by the most amazing and glamorous air hostess Mrs Friar! On their way to India the children ate chapattis, watched videos about all the wonderful things they could experience in India and took part in some Bangrah dancing. The whole week has been a celebration and the children have really enjoyed learning all about Diwali. We would like to say a huge well done to the children who successfully auditioned for Robin Hood’s got talent this week and who performed in assembly today. We all thought you were amazing performers and very brave, everyone in Reception is extremely proud. We had 19 certificates last week which is fantastic! Please keep encouraging your child to learn their sounds and words, we want even more this week!
In literacy this week we have learnt about the wonderful story of Rama and Sita. On Wednesday the children made their very own puppet show of the story and used time connectives to move from scene to scene. The children continue to impress us with their phonics knowledge. Our phonics sessions are really fun and rewarding for the children, it is a real pleasure to watch the enjoyment on their faces and watch them get so excited when they realise they can write and read words. The sounds we concentrated on this week were; y, z, zz and qu and our key words were; see, for, now, down, look and too. In numeracy the children have been working out what is one more and one less than a number, comparing quantities using the vocabulary smaller and bigger and they have been practising estimating. The children have also produced some beautiful Rangoli cards using coloured sand which are being displayed in our Indian restaurant.
We will be learning about Diwali still and will be concentrating on all the different preparations we need to make for our Diwali party next Friday. In literacy we will be focusing on how to write a full sentence with a capital letter, full stop and making sure they are writing the sounds they can hear in words. In topic we are going to make beautiful Diva lamps with lots of sparkles on and make some yummy coconut barfi. The sounds of the week will be; ch, sh, th, ng and the words are; he, she, me, be, we and was. In numeracy we will be looking at the names of shapes and making some gorgeous Diwali patterns with lines of symmetry in.
·        Please listen to your child’s fabulous reading once a day and comment in their reading record.
·        Please help your child to write their second name and perfect their first name.
·        Please practise counting to 100 and recognising and writing numbers to 30 with your child.
·        Please practise reading their key words and saying and writing their sounds.
·        Please practise and recap the sounds we have already learnt either using your previous home learning sheets or the phase 2 and 3 phonics games that are available on phonics play and the letters and sounds websites.
·        Please help your child practise their letter formation there is a super letter formation game called hairy letters for the IPad or there is a game called sky writing from that will show them how to form letters which they can then write.
·        Please help your child learn their nativity lines if they have been given some and please all learn the nativity songs with your child.
We hope you have a lovely weekend.
Miss Lambert, Miss Pyatt and the Reception Team
Key Stage 1
Home Learning:
The Key Stage One Team would like to say Thank You to all the children for their fantastic stories which were produced.  The children were very keen to show off their stories, your parental support is very valuable! We can see lots of time and effort have been spent on these wonderful stories and super outcomes have been achieved! Look out on the Key Stage One Blog for pictures of these fabulous stories

This week sees the launch of the new Bug Club! Your child will now have received their user name and password. We would like you to support your child in logging on and exploring their own area and look at some of the books that your child has been allocated to read. You can read the same book as many times as you like or a range of books per week! We would then like your child to write a book report on one story that they have read and to answer the following questions.
What book did you read?
Did you like it? If so, why? If not, why?
Who was your favourite character? Why?
How many stars out of 10 would you give this book (10 being the best) and why?

School ID:qa6k

Children in Need
We had a great time dressing up in our pyjamas for Children in Need! Look out next week for some photos on the blog of the fun we had in our pyjamas. Thank you to everybody for the donations you have made. Every little donation makes a great difference to people’s lives……

PE Kit
It is extremely important that your child brings their PE kit to change in to for their PE lessons. The children need to wear appropriate clothing and footwear to ensure they are safe when taking part in physical activity. Please ensure your child is provided with Black or Blue shorts and a White T-shirt.
A reminder of our PE Days for your attention:
Year 1 PE – Tuesday
Year 1/2 PE – Wednesday
Year 2 PE – Thursday

This week the children have continued to build their knowledge of story writing through using the ‘Story Mountain’. They have focused on how to write an interesting ‘Opening’, an engaging ‘Build Up’ and a super ‘Climax’ to keep the reader on their toes. The children have had a brilliant first attempt of writing a story using this structure and should be proud of their efforts! Next week each class will be starting to look at a new story:
Year 1: We’re going on a Bear Hunt
Year 1/2: Gorilla
Year 2: Where the Wild Things are.
Any reading of these stories at home will help your child with their learning in class.

This week the children have continued to learn how to solve addition problems. They have looked at addition word problems and missing numbers. The children have used methods such as ‘BIGGEST number in their head and just count on….” (using their fingers), have used the malteser system to partition and recombine numbers, used the hundred square and some have even used column addition! Next week, the children will begin a two week unit of learning on subtraction. Any learning at home in subtracting numbers will only make them even more confident in using the strategies that we teach at school. We will be teaching the children to:
1.       Put the biggest number in their head and count backwards (8- 3 =)
2.       Use the malteser system to draw the amount and then take away (24 – 14) =
3.       Navigate the hundred square.
4.       Break the numbers in to tens and units (45 – 13 =)
(40   – 10 =)
(5 – 3 =   )
We thank you for your continued support.

Lower Key Stage 2 Newsletter
We have had a fun and busy week in LKS2 and we have especially enjoyed being part of the auditions for our fabulous Christmas Production ‘A Dancing Christmas Party’. We would like to say a big well done to all the year 4’s who had spent a lot of time rehearsing, it really paid off! All children in year 3/4 will have a part in the production by either, dancing, singing or acting and we are looking forward to starting rehearsals over the next few weeks.
Home Learning
For the children’s home learning we would like you to encourage your child to read at home as much as possible and record this reading in their reading records. As we are working hard to develop our reading comprehension, why don’t you ask your child to retell part of the story? Thank you for your support with helping the children to learn their spellings every week. We are really pleased with those who practice hard to get 10/10. If your child is a year 4 who has consistently achieved 10/10 in their spellings test every week, we now have some year 5 spellings up on our blog for them to learn as well, if they so wish. They will continue to be tested on their year 4 spellings on a Monday, but will be tested on the year 5 spellings as well during the week.
We have had such a fabulous week developing out knowledge on persuasive writing. The children have wowed us by writing a letter to Prince Albert asking him to show off a Victorian Invention in the Great Exhibition. We were blown away with the use of persuasive and audience engaging features such as, superlatives, comparatives, questions, quotes, statistics, and adjectives. In addition to all of this, the children have been learning to sophisticate their sentence structure by using both compound and complex sentence. Why don’t you ask your child what an embedded clause is and get them to teach you how to use it effectively?
This week in numeracy the children have been learning how to subtract using column subtraction. The children have been working with numbers ranging from 2 to 5 digits and have also worked with money. We are really pleased at how confident the children are at using this strategy and pleased with the effort they have shown when learning how to borrow from the ten next door. Well done year 3/4! Next week in numeracy, the children will be drawing upon their mental strategies for addition and subtraction, and learning how to answer questions at speed. Please encourage your children to double and half numbers at home, and find different pairs of number that total 100 – 1000.
What a busy time we have been having in topic over the last week! The children have been working hard to make a range of Victorian toys such as zoetropes and thaumatropes, and have begun making a ride from a Victorian fair ground using the K-nex. We have been so impressed with every child’s ability to read and follow instructions, their attention to detail, and their team skills!
Spellings to be tested on Monday 12th November (the children already have their spellings for this Monday)
Group One
Group Two
·    PE kits need to come in on a Monday and be taken home on a Friday. Miss Thackeray’s and Mrs Moore’s class will now have PE on Tuesdays. Miss Snowden’s will have PE on Thursday
·   Those children who have ‘home learning packs’ please ensure they are brought into school every Monday morning.

UKS2 News Roundup

·    Our Achiever of the week goes to Ebony for engaging really well with her targets in Literacy. She has shown great responsibility for her learning.
·    Thank you to those in Year 6 who have completed and brought to school this week their completed Numeracy paper. Please ensure that the necessary papers are completed and available in school for the following dates
20th November
Mental Maths
26th November

·    For PE, please ensure that you have a plain white T-shirt and black or blue shorts. Pumps can be worn though trainers are not suitable.
·    Don’t forget to bring in your planners every day, especially on Monday when they will be stamped and signed – try to aim for at least 4 entries per week of reading and remember, stickers are up for grabs!

  • This week in Numeracy, we have been calculating percentages of numbers and applying it to real life money situations.
  • In mental maths we have been focussing on our 7 times table. If you would like any further practise, visit and click on Numeracy. There is a link to Hit the Button which is being used to practise all times tables.
  • Next week, the focus is on decimals and we’ll be learning about decimals including the place value of decimals, ordering and comparing the numbers and counting on and back in decimals.

  • In Literacy this week, we have continued our learning all about diary entries. We have been on a virtual trip into the depths of the Amazonian jungle, seeing howler monkeys, worker ants, tropical birds and indigenous tribes living in the tree-tops. We have then written a diary entry based on the sights and sounds of such a wonderful place.
  • Next week, we will be turning our attentions to the subject of story writing. We will be looking at fables, which are short stories that illustrate a particular moral and teach a lesson.  Have a look at this website for lots of examples:
  • PRACTISE: Next week, our punctuation focus is the use of commas to separate clauses. Visit for more information.
  • SPELLINGS: this week we will be focussing on the spelling pattern needed for adding the suffix –ly to words to create adverbs. Quietly, boldly, happily, anxiously, brightly, slowly, noisily, luckily, excitedly, shyly.

Other areas of the curriculum:
  • In Topic, we have been looking at the geographical differences of two very different places in South America – Rio de Janeiro and the Amazonian rainforest. We have used maps and Google Earth to look closely at the landscapes of each place and have begun to gather information from the internet to begin producing our own documentaries to contrast these very diverse locations.
  • In PE this week, the children have been developing their core skills in gymnastics and continuing to refine their sequences.
  • In ICT, the children have been continuing to develop and refine their projects using iMovie.
  • This week in Spanish, we have continued to learn about the different types of music and musical instruments and have developed conversations in order to express our likes and dislikes.
  • In Music, 5/6B have continued to experiment with Garageband on the iPads, looking at the various instruments available and how to manipulate their sounds. 5/6G have got into the spirit of the Rio carnivals with their samba percussion workshops. 5/6M have been have been learning how to play crochets and quavers using a recorder.


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