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Issue 34 2012-13

Newsletter Issue 34

Friday 14th June 2013
Dear Parent/Carer,
It was great to speak to our Year 6s on their return to school on Monday following the Residential. They were brimming with enthusiasm and pride in what they had achieved. Again, I received reports of exemplary behaviour, positive attitudes to overcoming challenges and spirited participation in everything that the children did. The staff who accompanied the children were extremely proud of the children. My thanks to Mrs Brook, Mrs Comstive, Mrs Wathen and Mr Malley for showing again that the staff at Robin Hood are willing to give an astonishing amount of their time for the benefit of our children.

Photo orders
If you would like to order a class photo, please send your money in as soon as you can. Thanks.

This week we have said “farewell for now” to our first year trainees from Leeds Trinity University. Kelsey Campey, Anna Slater and Kara Jordan have had a very rewarding training experience and it is our pleasure to be supporting the future teachers of our city. Thanks to Mrs Moore and Mrs Cookson, Mrs Steel and Miss Gascoigne for accommodating the students and making them feel part of the Robin Hood team. We will welcome the ladies back in November when they continue their second year studies.

Year 2 Sats
Well done to all of our little troopers in Year 2 who have carried out their Sats tests this week. They did brilliantly and shone like the stars that they are. Our children show spirit and resilience in the face of these assessments and we are all really proud of each and every one of them.

Visitors to enrich our Curriculum
We have had several visitors to our school this week to add value to our curriculum. Philippa Ranger, a professional coach, joined Year 6 to enhance children’s P.E skills and enrich the physical learning. She will continue to join us each week of this half term. We were delighted to welcome Mrs Shahzad to join Year 3/4 to talk to the children about dental hygiene as part of the phase’s Science topic and Mr Reid kindly shared a video resource of his dental practice. Whilst we have highly qualified and brilliant teachers, it is always really brilliant for the children to experience visits from experts in their field who can bring a whole new dimension to the learning.
I also enjoyed a visit from Vanessa Huws- Jones, the 0-11 Lead for teaching and learning in Leeds. She was mightily impressed by our ethos and the vision that I have for the future of the school and will be coming back in the next few weeks to see the learning in action.

Arts week- Discover
During the week beginning 8th July, our Key Stage 2 children will be engaging in an Arts week, which will involve visits from local professionals linked to the Arts. The children will enjoy visits from local musicians, actors and singers and have the chance to study key artists in history. The purpose of this series of days is to further celebrate the joy that the Arts can bring, give children the opportunity to recognise their passions but also to see how normal, everyday people from our city have gone on to be highly successful in their field. We want our children to know that a career in the Arts is entirely within reach. The “Discover” arts week will be part 1 of a two part study opportunity. Part 2 “Explore”, will take place next academic year after which the children will receive UCAS points which will count towards modules that they can use at University! This is an incredible opportunity for our children and I would like to thank the PTA from the bottom of my heart, for making this event possible with their extremely generous donation towards the funding of the project. Thanks also to Miss Thackeray who has driven and led the project.

Hello everyone. Only two weeks to go until our Summer Fayre is here. We are almost there with the organisation thanks to many helpful parents and teachers. We still require empty bottles of wine (with the cap attached), jam jars and newspapers. We will be happy to collect them from you at the front of school each morning.
If anyone is able to display a poster advertising the fayre at their place of work, please collect one from the front of school where one of the PTA committee members will be waiting each morning.
One last request...we do have volunteers willing to help out before, during or after the day of the fayre, but as we all know you can never have enough help. If anyone is able to help on the day, even if it’s just for half an hour please contact Clare Perry on 07834600343 or email
Please visit our blogs via the website to see more learning that has taken place in school.
Have a great weekend.
Mrs Dale
Nursery newsletter
The children have really enjoyed the story of Norman the silly slug this week. They were delighted when we told them that they would be making their own donut shell for Norman and enjoyed the activity even more when they were allowed to eat them. The children are trying really hard with their learning and 5 children got to go see Miss Hinton for a Deputy Head’s Silver sticker this week. You can see the children are really maturing and showing us that they are definitely ready to go into Reception.
In literacy they drew super pictures of Norman and used their alphabet mats really well to help them find the sounds they could hear in the words they were trying to write. The children have continued to make minibeasts for our display and our classroom is now looking like a bug hunter’s paradise. We are also watching the seeds we have planted and they are growing nicely. The children are becoming really confident at being able to work out one less than calculations practically. This learning can be supported in everyday life by saying things like “you have 2 sweets now you have eaten one so you have one less how many have you got left?” They have done very well at learning this week’s sounds of the week ‘e’ and ‘u’ and they are continuing to get better and better at reading the words in our guided reading books.
Next week we will be looking at non-fiction books about minibeasts. In literacy we will be concentrating on the features of non-fiction books and we will be doing a lot of speaking and listening activities using the non-fiction books. We will be thinking about the different features they have compared to fiction books. In topic the children be doing an observational drawing of a minibeast and underneath they will write a sentence about it. Outside the children will have the opportunity to contribute and design our very own Robin Hood Nursery bug hotel which will hopefully attract lots of different minibeasts to come and visit. In numeracy we will be continuing with one less than. Those children who have already secured this skill will be doing their learning with Mrs Chin and will practise writing their numbers to 10 with perfect formation. In our phonics sessions we will be learning the sounds “r” and “h”.
·        Please read with your child for 5 minutes every day.
·        Challenge them to show you how well they can write their name.
·        Please practise recognising all the letters they have learnt so far with your child.
·        Please feel free to encourage and let your child bring in things to show the class related to our topic.
Have a fantastic weekend.
Mrs Steel, Mrs Chin & Miss Fox
Reception newsletter
The children have really enjoyed the story of Norman the Silly Slug this week. They were delighted when we told them that they would be making their own donut shell for Norman and enjoyed the activity even more when they were allowed to eat them! The children are doing incredibly well at achieving their sound and words of the week certificates and nearly the whole class got to go and see Mrs Dale for a head teacher’s sticker. Well done everyone!
In literacy the children had some really creative ideas about what they could use for Norman’s shell and they tried really hard to include conjunctions other than ‘and’ in their sentences. The quality of their writing is really impressing us too so keep it up Reception. We know you can reach your end of year targets. In topic as well as decorating the donuts they have made and decorated a clay snail’s shell. Over the year their design skills have really developed and the snail shells they made were beautiful. The children have continued to make large scale minibeasts for our display and our classroom is now looking like a bug hunter’s paradise. We are also watching the seeds we have planted and they are growing nicely. In mathematics we have been concentrating on doubling for the starter activity. The main focus has been on simple addition and the children really enjoyed adding up all the minibeasts they could find in their miniature gardens. In phonics we have learnt to read the words; round, magic, shouted, I’ll, us and tree and we have learnt to read and write the long o sounds ow (flow, snow) and o_e (bone, pole).
Next week we will be looking at non-fiction books about minibeasts. In literacy we will be doing lots of speaking and listening activities around non-fiction books and their different features,  concentrating on the features of non-fiction books and we will create our very own fact file about minibeasts. We will also be learning about question marks and the children will be writing questions that they would like answering about minibeasts. Yet again the children will be taking part in some immersive and exciting topic activities. We will start off the week by making some wonderful salt dough sculptures of their favourite minibeast which they will decorate and then we will be making our very own Robin Hood Reception bug hotel. In numeracy we will be focusing on simple subtraction and we will also be having a competition each day to see which class can order the numbers 1-20 fastest. We will also revisit sharing fairly between groups so please bring this into your everyday conversations with your child. In phonics we will be learning to read the words; other, food, fox, through, way and been and tree and we will be learning to read and write the long o sound oe (toe, Joe) and o (so, go).
·        Please read at least 5 minutes every day with your child (don’t forget to use Bug club too!) 
·        Please encourage them to practise their lovely writing.
·        Please feel free to let your child bring in things to show the class relating to our topic. We have all had a lovely time looking at Rowan’s snails this week. Thank you Rowan. One snail even escaped and Miss Lambert found it reading a book about caterpillars!
·        Please make sure your child has trainers for P.E. on Friday as we are now doing it outside.
We hope you have an amazing weekend from Miss Pyatt, Miss Lambert and the Reception Team.
Key Stage 1

Home Learning

Next week we will be learning all about time. In preparation for this please can you and your child have a look at some digital and analogue clocks around your home. First steps are simply to look at o’clock and half past.

To get to grips with am, pm and what happens when, please can you choose 4 or 5 key events on a typical day (waking up, having breakfast, walking the dog etc.), then draw a little picture of these events with the time next to them – ideally digital and analogue as we teach these things side by side.



We would like to say massive congratulations to all the children who have been completing their SATs this week. Their attitude to these assessments has been truly exemplary. They concentrated so beautifully, checked their answers carefully and approached the whole week with a really positive attitude. Every single child tried their very best and their results are testament to how much effort they have put in all year. We could not be prouder of them – they have definitely earned their weekend this week!

Trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

I hope the children are as excited as we are about our forthcoming trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park! If you haven’t already done so, please can you return your consent form and a £10 contribution in an envelope to the office by next Friday 21st June.

Amazing Art

This week in topic we have been focussing on our observational drawing skills. We began by drawing an animal with no stimulus at all – this was really challenging! Next we investigated with different shading techniques and how to use our pencil in different ways. After that the children followed some very challenging step by step animal drawing templates to shade and colour a range of wild animals. The detail on these drawings was outstanding and the children were so proud of their outcomes. Finally the children used all the knowledge they had gained about size, proportions and shading to produce their own observational drawing with no scaffold. Once again, these pictures were incredible – the children took so much pride in them and included such a lot of detail. I urge you to have a look at some of the fantastic pictures on the KS1 blog.


Next week in literacy we will be continuing to build on our knowledge of poetry. It will be lovely to share some of the poems the children brought in for their home learning. Thank you so much for taking the time to put these together, they look lovely. The children’s performance skills are really developing well! They read and perform poems with so much confidence and expression! We’re looking forward to sharing them. Each class will be looking at a different book as inspiration for their own writing. We’ll be learning and reciting poetry, producing our own rhyming strings and following a set structure to create our own verses. 


As outlined above, the next couple of weeks will be all about telling the time. We’ll learn about digital and analogue clocks at the same time so the children become confident with both methods. Initially we want to secure the children’s concept of time. To do this we will start by familiarising the children with lots of time vocabulary (second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade century) and practice ordering time durations. We’ll then use clocks to read and draw o’clock and half past, before progressing onto trickier times like quarter past and quarter to – and maybe even harder ones! Later in the week we’ll be tackling some time based word problems so children can apply their new understanding. Also, we want to make sure the children are all confident with the days of the week and the months of the year. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks!

Have a lovely weekend.

The KS1 team

Lower Key Stage 2 Newsletter
What an exciting week we have had! This week, the children have had the pleasure of learning all about how to keep teeth healthy. A local dentist, Mr Reid, kindly sent LKS2 a film clip, explaining the importance of why we should keep our teeth healthy and how to do so. Mrs Shahzad helped the 3/4 children to brush their teeth correctly, ensuring everybody was using the correct techniques.
This week the children have been learning how to extend their ideas using a range of conjunctions such as: and, but, because, so, however, therefore and although. In addition to this, the children have also been learning to construct complex sentences. We were really impressed with the children’s ability to identify the main clause from the subordinate clause, which is a tricky concept to understand! Next week the children will be showing off their learning from the whole of the year, and completing an assessed write. We aim to make this a positive experience for all children, ensure that they understand that as long as they try their best, that’s all we could ask for!
In numeracy this week, the children have been learning about direction and positioning. The children become familiar with the different compass points, and started to learn that there are 360 degrees within a circle. The children have been practicing turning around a circle different by degrees, both clockwise and anticlockwise. In addition to this, the children have been learning about coordinates. We have taught the children to go along the corridor and then up the stairs to locate different coordinates. The children have applied this skill by having a fun game of Battleships!
This week in topic the children have been learning all about the African wildlife, especially the big 5! We all enjoyed watching clips from Lion King, as well as Lewis’s home learning, to help us learn more about the wildlife found in Africa. The children have produced their own Safari Brochures, which share details of the different animals found in different African countries like Kenya and Tanzania. These brochures are so beautifully presented that a selection of these will be going up on the blog for the world to see! Well done guys, you have blown us away!
Spellings to be tested on Monday 24th June (the children already have their spellings for this Monday)
Please support your child in practicing their spellings every day to help them achieve 10/10 in their spelling test every week.
Group One
Group Two

·    Please ensure your child’s PE kit is kept in school from Monday-Friday every week. As it is the summer term, all P.E sessions will be outdoors.
·    Please ensure all reading records are brought to school on Monday mornings. This is very important so we can monitor how much reading your children are doing during the week. Thanks for your support.
Have a lovely weekend!
Team 3/4
UKS2 News Roundup:

·        This week’s achiever is all of year 6. During last week’s residential trip our year 6 children truly impressed with their determined attitude, superb teamwork and excellent manners. Well done year 6, every member of staff at Robin Wood commented on how amazing you all are!
·        The school council elections for our new year 6 captains will be held on the 20th June. The format has changed from last year and we will now be selecting new captains to represent throughout the year. This gives more children the opportunity to experience these leadership roles. Pupils will be required to produce a small presentation on why they think they should be school captain along with what qualities and skills they can bring to the role. An equal number of class representatives will be selected before the final candidates are decided.
·        Can we remind all pupils that they require a PE kit in school all week. The timetable is often subject to change, so it is important that children have their kit available at all times. Suitable footwear is vital, as pupils may be outside for PE. Additionally please can parents ensure that relevant hay fever medicines are given to children to ensure that they are able to participate in sessions. 

Dates for your diary:
·        20th June- Elections for our new year 6 captains.
·        17th- 21st June- Year 6 Bikeability training. 
·        27th June – Tea Party at Rodillian for Year 6 pupils. (4:00-6:00pm)
·        1st, 2nd and 3rd July- Year 6 induction day for prospective Rodillian and Royds pupils (8.20- 14.30). Please can all pupils wear their Robin Hood school uniform.
·        4th July – Year 6/7 disco at Rodillian – Hawaiian theme! (6:30-8:30pm)
·        22nd July- Year 6 leaver’s prom.

·        This week pupils have been recapping on their knowledge of number. During lessons pupils have developed their understanding of prime numbers, multiples, common multiples, factors and common denominators.
·       Next week pupils will be applying their times tables skills to a series of numerical challenges with the opportunity to win prizes!
·        This week pupils have been introduced to some popular poems by Roger McGough and have written some of their own poetry in a similar style.
·        Next week pupils will be reflecting upon their year in school and writing their own report front cover. This will consist of a review of their year in school and what they have particularly enjoyed.
·        Spellings: Pupils will be tested on the following spellings; additional, individual, digital, fictional, traditional, apologetically, actually, physically, accidentally, gradually.

Other areas of the curriculum:
·        In PE this week pupils have been developing their speed, agility and quickness through a variety of activities that pupils will compete in this sports day.
·        This week in ICT pupils have been experimenting recording their own poetry, using a variety of devices, concentrating on expression, intonation and projection.
·        In Spanish this week pupils have been learning the names of continents and world rivers.
·        In Music this week, 5/6M have continued to explore several percussion instruments with our music specialist Mr Bache. 5/6B have continued to learn the key notes of Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. 5/6G have continued to experiment with different samples to change the mood and emotion of their silent movie compositions using garage band.

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