Friday, 17 January 2014

Issue 17 2013-14

Newsletter Issue 17

Friday 17th January 2014

Dear Parent/Carer,

Every phase in school has now delivered their first phase assembly, including Nursery this week. It has been a joy to be part of these lovely showcases and to feel as though the children are more involved. The feedback has been wonderful and I look forward to the next round. For the remainder of this half term, the assemblies will be as follows:
Friday 24th January- Key Stage 1, Friday 31st January- Year 3/ 4, Friday 7th February- Year 5/ 6, Friday 14th February- Reception.

Assembly dates for Spring 2
Friday 28th February- Key Stage 1, Friday 7th March- Year 3/ 4, Friday 14th March- Training day, Friday 21st March- Year 5/ 6, Friday 28th March- Reception, Weds 2nd and Friday 4th April- Nursery. Dates are on the website, for your reference.

Thank you to our Parent Governor, Mr Reid for sharing some very useful web links which may be of valuable use to parents. They have been provided by the West Yorkshire police to raise awareness about E-Safety. We teach the children about E-Safety in school and from September the new Computing Curriculum will be requiring that this topic is covered across all key stages. For further information about how to teach your child to be safe whilst using the internet at home, you can visit  and

Voices Foundation
Singing specialist, Jane Leadbeater has been working with teachers this week to help them to improve their singing skills so that we can teach the children how to be more effective singers. She has visited classes and supported teachers to deliver fantastic and highly focused singing lessons. As always, our brilliant teachers have been keen to learn and this has influenced the children’s enjoyment. We look forward to showing you some of the wonderful results.

Young Voices tickets up for grabs!
Whilst on the subject of singing, we have 2 tickets spare for the Young Voices event at Sheffield Arena next Wednesday (22nd). A choir of our children are attending to be part of a huge singing event with many other schools in the area. If you would like to watch this incredible show, please see Mrs Holland in the office. Price £18 each.

Please be reminded dogs are not permitted on site. You will be asked to leave. Please think about the Health and Safety of our children. Thanks.

Website development
We are constantly looking at ways to update and improve our website. I would like to include positive quotes from parents and children to flash up on the homepage. If you have a short, positive point about the school which you wouldn’t mind sharing, please pop it in an email to me. It can be to do with any aspect of school life. Thanks.

PTA News
Happy New Year to all and hope your Christmas was a fantastic one, it seems so long ago now....  On Wednesday 12 February we will be holding our Valentines Disco, which is promising to be the best ever yet.  We intend to have the usual games, food, dancing and glo sticks, etc.  Obviously to ensure that this disco is as brilliant as the last, we do need the help of parents, grandparents and carers.  If you are able to help out at all on this evening please would you contact us on and advise whether you could help out at the first disco, 3:45 until 5:00, the second disco 5:15 until 6:45 or even both.  We look forward to hearing from you with your very kind offers of help as always.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

 Mrs Dale

Don’t forget!

Our next parents coffee morning will be on Monday 10th February 2014 between 9 am and 10 am with Miss Thackeray in Friendly Faces. You are invited to come along with positive suggestions which are relevant to the agendas that we set. Any other issues can come directly to me. It is important that we use the limited time that we have together to best effect. The agendas for next time will be:

·     Home learning- Do you think the children get too much/too little? Is it purposeful? Any ideas for improvement.

·     Holiday projects- what do you and your child think of them?

·     Just a question for discussion- what would we think of a shorter summer holiday but longer half terms?

If you cannot make it, we value your views so you can email me at
Nursery newsletter
Thank you to all our fabulous parents and carers for your support with home learning, reading at home and name writing! Five minutes every day really does make a difference and it is so lovely to see the children confidently speaking out in front of their friends. We would also like to let you know that our fund raising initiative before Christmas raised a whopping £195, which we will be able to use towards a visit from a company who will bring in some zoo animals!
We have been learning about Farms and finding out more about the types of animals we might find on a farm. We have been exploring the small world farm and talking about where on the farm each animal lives; for example Lara told me that the horse lives in the stable and Jacob said that the pigs live in the mud! Thank you too for taking the time to attend our Celebration assemblies this week – the children were really excited about showing off their knowledge.
Next week we will continue to learn about farm animals, focusing on the story of The Little Red Hen. We will be using a technique called Pie Corbett to retell the story; during the sessions we will be teaching the children actions to accompany the text and they use these actions to retell the story back to their friends. Prepare to be entertained! We will also be thinking about where food comes from – so for home learning please can you spend some time with your child thinking about the food journey and discussing, for example, what raw materials go into bread? There is a super on line game which you might like to look at together -  In Numeracy we will be switching our focus to number recognition. The children will be playing lots of games to help support their recognition of numbers up to 10.
·        Please continue to read every day with your child and bring in book bags Mondays and Wednesdays so we can change their books.
·        Keep practising writing the first letter in your child’s name and beyond as soon as they are ready (all children were given a name book just before the Christmas break)
·        Please complete the home learning task with your child (see above) to give them a head start for our new learning next week
·        Please practice spotting numbers 1-5 and once your child can do this confidently 1-10 and beyond.
Thank you for your support. Have a great weekend!
Mrs Steel, Mrs Chin, Miss Fox and Mrs Beckwith
Reception newsletter
Yet again we have had another exciting week in Reception. Today Abbey House Vets surgery visited us and brought in some animals that were not very well. The children were all very sympathetic and offered some excellent suggestions about how the vet could make the animals better.
The children came into the classroom all very excited about the home learning they had been doing and some of their wonderful books have been published in our school library so that all the children in the school can see how clever the Reception children are. In literacy we have been learning all about the story The Little Red Hen. They acted the story out fantastically with actions and drew a fabulous story map of what had happened in the story. Finally they wrote their very own version of The Little Red Hen and the children are now real authors! The children’s writing is really improving but it is the area the children often find the hardest, so please try and do as much writing at home as possible. In topic the children pretended they were The Little Red Hen and baked some delicious bread which they really enjoyed eating, but they were only allowed to eat the bread because they had been good friends and helped their friends bake it. The children have been doing lots of practical maths this week about capacity. They have been milking the cows on the farm and have been comparing which cow produced the fullest container and which produced the empty container. This week learnt to read and write the Phase 3 sounds ng, ai, ee and igh and learnt to read the tricky words; so, do, come, some, have and like.
Next week our literacy and topic focus is British Wildlife. We will begin the week by reading the story Percy the Park Keeper and will discuss the different habitats the animals live in. Each day we are going to be nature explorers and we will be learning facts about a different animal. We will sneak into the playground with our clipboards and magnifying glasses and see if we can spot any signs of the animals. Our literacy time will be spent publishing our very own fact files about British Wildlife. In topic we will start the week with a science focus and we will learn all about food chains. The children will act the food chains out and they will put the animals in the correct order. In numeracy we will be learning about doubling numbers. In phonics we will be learning the phase 3 sounds oa, oo (book), oo (hoop) and ar (car)  and reading Phase 4 key words were, there, little, one, when, out and what.
Have a great weekend!
Miss Lambert, Miss Pyatt and the Reception team.
Key Stage 1
Home learning
Our focus this half term in Literacy is around the accurate use of capital letters, full stops and conjunctions (so, if, but, because, when) to develop ideas. Some children have also been learning about the effective use of questions as a persuasive device. We have provided a sheet containing exercises which will help your child with grammar. Please discuss the importance of one idea being contained within one sentence that is punctuated with a full stop.  The sheet provided is a guide. Feel free to deviate, add to or amend it as appropriate.
Assembly next Friday
Our second KS1 assembly will take place next Friday 24th January in the hall and we very much hope to see you there. You can arrive from 2:15pm and the assembly will start at 2:30pm. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you to see the children’s learning first hand. Once again we will showcase learning from Literacy, Numeracy and Topic. Audience participation will be minimal we promise!
The children consolidated their knowledge of 2D shapes this week by drawing a variety of regular and irregular shapes. Thank you very much for completing the numeracy home learning last week. This has clearly strengthened the children’s understanding of shape. As a progression from 2D we moved onto 3D shapes this week. The children have been learning how to count faces, edges and vertices on lots of common 3D shapes. Perhaps you could have a look at some of the 3D shapes around your home? Which shapes can you see? Can your child identify and describe the features? Next week we will be moving onto direction and position. This will involve learning about right and left in different contexts, symmetry and what happens when shapes are rotated.
This week we have built on our knowledge of persuasive language in order to write an enticing invitation to one of the Mister Men. The children have tried so hard to learn and apply a whole host of persuasive features ranging from simple adjectives to humour, rhetorical questions, exaggeration and similes. We are encouraging the children to think carefully about their word choices in order to ensure they are fit for purpose and powerful. Once again our main focus is sentence structure, development and accurate punctuation. Next week the children will be applying all the skills they have practised over the past two weeks by writing their final invitations. Time will then be dedicated to reviewing and improving what they have written so the children can learn how to up-level their own writing.
For the first time this week the children tried their hand at some Philosophy! We had lots of fascinating discussions about the rainforest, considering the similarities and differences and deciding where we would rather live. The children were very receptive to the deep questions and concepts we discussed with them. Their fantastic learning culminated in some beautiful classroom displays. Next week we will build on this further by learning about deforestation.
There is currently a school wide focus on singing and threading this through our days. The children have been immersed in song this week. Perhaps they might perform for you some of the little ditties they have learnt. Singing is proving to be a great way to inject energy into our days, refocus the children’s attention and of course it’s great fun. It is National Happiness Week after all!
Have a lovely weekend.
The KS1 Team
Lower Key Stage 2 Newsletter
We have had a fun filled week of exciting learning in 3/4! The children have once again shown their fantastic attitudes towards their learning and are all very enthusiastic about our WW2 topic which is lovely to see! To ensure that we can reward children for their amazing reading efforts at home, please make sure the children’s reading records are signed and brought into school every Monday morning.
Just to remind you that we have started the New Year with a new timetable. Due to the changes in our PE curriculum, we now have 2 hours of PE every week. Our indoor sessions take place on a Thursday in the school hall and this half term we will be looking at the basics of football skills. Our outdoor sessions take place on a Wednesday afternoon and we are looking at developing our ABCS multi-skills – Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed. Please can we remind you that your child needs the required kit for each session.
Home Learning
As well as the children reading daily and practicing their weekly spellings, we would like everyone to be learning their Times Tables. We will now be testing the children weekly on a different times table as this will help us all greatly when solving multiplication and division problems. Links to any on line games to support your child with this will be on our phase blog. The times table we will be testing next week is the 4 Times Table. Keep an eye on the phase blog for the Times Table Wall of Fame. We would also like to say Thank You to all parents for supporting the children with their weekly home learning.
This week in numeracy the children have been looking at measures of length, estimating and measuring lines and objects around the school. The children then used their super addition and subtraction skills to solve some word problems involving length. On top of all of this, the children have been using the multiplication grid method to find the area of different shapes! Next week we will be looking at the units and vocabulary related to weight and have lots of fun activities weighing different items!
This week in literacy the children have continued writing their very own diary from the perspective of an evacuated child during World War 2. This week’s entry is the next stage of their evacuation – the journey. The children have been doing drama, making freeze-frames of different parts of their journey to make it a little easier to empathise with WW2 children. We focussed on verbs this week and we looked at different action verbs and speech verbs that we can use instead of ‘said’. Next week, we will be continuing to write our diary entries detailing many of the events encountered during the evacuation. The completed diaries will be on display at the end of the half term.
In our topic sessions this week we have been looking at what happened during the evacuations when hundreds of thousands of children were removed from the inner cities and sent to live in the countryside. We have empathised with WW2 children, thinking about how they felt and what they would have taken in their suitcases when they left on their journey. We thought about what life was like for the children when they arrived at their ‘billet’ (new home) and have written postcards to family back at home in the city, telling them about our host families and all of the new experiences we have had in the countryside.  
These Spellings will be tested on Monday 20th January.
Group 1: rain, tail, chain, again, captain, high, light, night, might, right
Group 2: string, stripe, strip, strong, stride, stringent, strangle, strict, strap, strike
·    Please ensure your child has an art shirt in school at all times.
·    The current weather is very changeable and so we ask that your child brings a suitable coat to school every day.
·    Just a gentle reminder to ensure all of your child’s belongings (especially PE kits, hats and gloves and school jumpers) are clearly labelled with your child’s full name.
·    Children will be required to bring an outdoor PE kit (t-shirt, jumper, jogging bottoms, outdoor trainers) every Wednesday and an indoor PE kit (shorts and t-shirt) every Thursday.
·    Swimming for our Year 4’s has started again, so please make sure they have swimming kit every Friday.
·    Our next phase assembly will take place on Friday 31st January. We look forward to seeing you there.
Don’t forget to check out our blog where you will find lots more information about this week’s learning as well as important reminders and dates for forthcoming event.
Have a superb weekend!
Team 3/4
UKS2 Newsletter
News Roundup:
Friday Celebration Assemblies:
A huge ‘well done’ to all the children in Year 5/6 for learning the assembly song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ without needing the words!  Thank you to all the parents/carers who attended our first phase assembly last Friday, it was great to see you there.  The assembly was action packed, showcasing the learning from Autumn 2 with a live violin performance from 5/6G.  Thank you to Mr Brown for attending the assembly and supporting the children in their performance.  Our next phase assembly will be on Friday 8th February.  We look forward to seeing even more of you there!
Core Subjects:
This week in Numeracy the children have been learning about fractions, using the correct terminology: numerator and denominator.  If you are unsure which word relates to which number within a fraction, ask an expert…your child.  After a fun week on fractions, they will know!  The children have also been reducing a fraction to its simplest form by cancelling common factors in the numerator and denominator.
Next week in Numeracy the children will be learning how to increase and decrease amounts by various percentages to find new prices of the toys from the Toy Story film.
This week in Literacy the children have continued to write their own fables with a moral.  On Monday the children planned out their story using the story mountain (opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending).  The children then wrote their story using the following criteria: ly/ing opening (starting a paragraph with a word containing a ‘ly’ or ‘ing’ word), high level punctuation (brackets, exclamation marks, and ellipsis), a variety of sentence types (long and short, one word sentences), adjectives/adverbs, conjunctions and lots of description!  Please check out the 5/6 blog next week for some pictures and audio clips of the stories.
Next week the children will be writing a book review of a book of their choice.  The children have been told this was an upcoming unit in Literacy and therefore need to be reading a book to write about.  The children will be thinking about the following questions to help them structure their review:
1)    What is the book about? Give an overview of the storyline.
2)    Who was your favourite character and why?
3)    What was your favourite part of the book, and why?
4)    What three things did you like about the book? Explain why? If you didn’t like 3 things, explain why not.
5)    What three things didn’t you like about this book?  Explain why. If you didn’t dislike anything, how can the  author make this book even better?
6)    Summary- Recap on how much you enjoyed the book. Who should read this book?  (Don’t just say boys/ girls or everyone.) Was there a message hidden in the story? If so, what was it?
SPELLINGS: This week, the spellings are: additional, individual, digital, fictional, traditional, apologetically, actually, physically, accidentally, gradually
Other areas of the curriculum:
PE: This term pupils are developing their rugby skills. This week pupils have been learning how to hold and receive the ball and have applied these skills into small sided game scenarios.
Spanish: This half term the children will be learning about Spanish culture and Spanish festivals.  This week the children were researching about the La Tomatina, the tomato throwing festival which takes place on the last Wednesday in August.   
Science: This half term the children are learning about materials and their properties. This week the children looked at irreversible and reversible changes; particularly heating and cooling. They then had to use scientific vocabulary to describe the changes which occurred. 

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