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Isuue 27 2013-14

Newsletter Issue 27

Friday 4th April 2014

Dear Parent/Carer,

Today marks the end of another successful term. We have had a very exciting week with chicks hatching in Reception and this morning, a fabulous Easter service led by Lower Key Stage 2 at the church. Thanks to everyone once again who was able to come along and support us; a lovely, uplifting way to end our Spring Term.

Team Point winners
This week, not only did our pupils all enjoy a delivery from our Easter bunnies, aka Kay, Stephanie and Emma (thank you ladies!)  but the Yellow house team enjoyed an additional treat for being the house team winners for this half term. Mr Truffles the magician gave an awesome show with very positive feedback from the children.

Mr Malley
Many of you will know that Mr Malley suffered a serious leg injury at the weekend. Unfortunately his leg was broken in two places during a football match. It is unknown just how long Mr Malley will be absent from school but we wish him all the very best for a speedy recovery. Thankfully this week, we welcome back Miss Darroch, one of our most talented and experienced teachers, from her maternity leave. Miss Darroch will lead the learning in Mr Malley’s class in his absence during the morning lessons and afternoons will be covered by mostly myself and Miss Hinton. Although not under the best circumstances, I look forward to getting into class and doing what I love best!

Please ensure that you close the gates behind you when entering the playground and Nursery. It has been brought to my attention that they are being left open on occasion and I must stress that security and the safety of our pupils is of prime importance. Thank you.

Universal Free School Meals
You may have gathered from news reports recently, that all children up to the age of 7 (not including Nursery) will be eligible to take up a school meal each day without charge. This is a government initiative designed to help parents towards the cost of school dinners and to ensure that all children have a healthy and filling meal each day to optimise learning. The implementation of this will have huge implications for the design of our lunchtimes and how we will work this into the school day. I will keep you informed as plans unfold and more information is available.

Friendly Faces
Please ensure that if your child attends our Friendly Faces before or after school care that Jill Grenfell is informed of the following; when a child has taken up or left a school after school club, when a child is ill, absent from school or going to a friend’s house and therefore not accessing the provision one day. This way, Jill can be certain of the whereabouts of all children in the setting and time can be saved looking for them. She can be reached via text or email. Thanks.

PTA News

We hope you all enjoyed the Easter Eggs that were handed out on Wednesday (all the children must have been very good for the Easter Bunny to make a very early delivery!).  A huge thank you to Mick Carr (one of our Reception children’s Dads) and Tesco for their assistance with obtaining and delivering the eggs, it was very much appreciated.  It was lovely to see all the children’s faces on receiving the eggs and also it was a pleasure to hear all the “thank you’s” we received, we certainly do have very polite children at Robin Hood.  Of course none of this would be possible without the commitment and support from all our parents, carers and teachers. Should anyone wish to help the PTA with fundraising, a little or a lot, please contact us on or alternatively speak to one of us at school drop off and pick up time.  Lastly we hope you have a very happy holiday and we will be in touch with how you can all help us in the future.

Have an absolutely BRILLIANT Easter break.

Mrs Dale

Don’t forget:
The next parent coffee morning will take place on Monday 19th May with Miss Thackeray in Friendly Faces. The agendas for discussion will be:

·    Website and blogs- how well used are they? How could we make them more engaging/useful for your children?

·    How do you rate our improved parental engagement this year?

      If you are unable to come, please do not hesitate to share your views with me  at

Nursery newsletter

Thank you for all your amazing home learning! Our Easter hats look amazing and we can’t believe how creative you all are! Hopefully they will have survived the assemblies and come home safely! Please keep looking on our blog for the latest information and to see what has been happening in Nursery at

We have been learning about the Easter story as well as preparing for our super assemblies, making Easter cards; practising the ‘Big Dance’ and taking part in an egg hunt in the nursery garden – phew! We have also assessed every child and sent home their current levels in reading, writing, numeracy and phonics along with some next step targets. All books have been changed too and children now have their next level books. We hope that you will be as proud as we are of their fabulous achievements.

After the holidays we return to school on Tuesday 22nd April. For the first two weeks we will be learning all about pirates. So that the children enjoy a deep immersive learning experience we will all be dressing up as pirates (yes even the teachers!) for the first two weeks of next half term.

 To support your child’s learning, please can you:

·         Continue to practice writing your child’s first name (and surname once they have mastered this)

·         Practice counting, reading, ordering and writing numbers to 10

·         Try to encourage your child to read to you for about five minutes each day

·         Make a badge with a pirate name for your child to wear – it should use alliteration so for example they could be Jolly Jake or Tilli the Terrible (we will be using these in our week 1 learning).

PLEASE NOTE the following diary dates:

Nursery will be CLOSED on Wednesday 2nd July 2014

We will be hosting the Celebration assemblies on Wednesday 30th April at 11.00am and Friday 2nd May at 2.30pm


·       Please complete the home learning task with your child (see above) and bring it in on their first day back.

·       Have a lovely rest and encourage the children to recharge their batteries for another super half term.

Thank you for your continued support and Happy Easter!

Mrs Steel, Mrs Chin, Miss Fox and Mrs Beckwith.
Reception newsletter
Thank you for all your amazing home learning! Our Easter bonnets look amazing and we can’t believe how creative you all are! Hopefully they will have survived the Easter Parade and come home safely! Please keep looking on our blog for the latest information and to see what has been happening in Reception at
We have been learning about the Easter story as well as making Easter cards, Easter buns, practising the ‘Big Dance’ and taking part in an egg hunt in the Reception playground – phew! And as if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we have spent all week observing our chicks and writing a day to day diary. The excitement and wonder on the children’s faces when the chicks finally arrived was a real pleasure to see. In phonics we have learnt the capital and lowercase letters, the 5 vowels and the rules concerning the endings ing and ed. In numeracy we have been completing the number sequences counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and we are now experts at our number bonds to 10. Some children can even tell you the number bonds to 20 as well! Wow you are stars Reception!
After the holidays we return to school on Tuesday 22nd April. For the first two weeks we will be learning all about pirates. So that the children enjoy a deep immersive learning experience we will all be dressing up as pirates (yes even the teachers!) for the first two weeks of next half term. So get your parrots and eye patches ready! No doubt our classroom will have been magically transformed over the holidays for when the children return.
Following parents evening we have now photocopied your child’s assessment and sent them home with some next step targets. All books have been changed on bug club and the children now have their next level books. It would be great if over the Easter break you could work on your child’s individual targets. We hope that you are as proud as we are of their fabulous achievements.
The children will be assessed again towards the end of next half term and this will inform us as to whether they have made a good level of development for their age against government standards. Please read the booklet that we have sent out as this outlines the early learning goals for each area. If you feel your child is not meeting one or more of the early learning goals please try to practise and develop this area with them. If you need any advice or resources to help you do this, please do not hesitate to speak to us and we will offer suggestions and do our best to provide support.
Thank you for your continued support and Happy Easter! We hope that the Easter bunny delivers lots of scrumptious eggs.
Miss Lambert, Miss Pyatt and the Reception Team
Key Stage 1
Home Learning:
Please continue to support your child in reading, learning their spellings and counting. Your child’s teacher handed out individual spellings for each child from their phonics phase, which are so important for them to learn. Tackle one or two at a time and write them in many different ways: pencils, paint, tracing in mud or on your mum or dad’s back. These are sticky spellings for your child so the more they can read them and spell them the better – once won’t go in!
Keep on giving your child mental maths questions to solve and ask them to write sums down for you that use all 4 functions. Some feedback from parents’ evening was that the timed quick fire questions can prove to be a little bit much for some children – please don’t feel you have to do this if your child isn’t ready for it! Use counters of any description (raisins, Lego) to help your child add or share out fairly or double or half. It is SO important that they see what each of the main 4 functions does to a number instead of learning by heart answers if they don’t know what each number means. Please keep seeking our support with this if you need it!
Parents’ Evening:
We hope that you all enjoyed coming in to school and looking through your children’s books and hearing all about their learning as much as we enjoyed telling you! We say it often, but we as teachers and the children are really fortunate to have such strong support from home. It was really useful to get your feedback on what your child does at home and what you and they might struggle with – hopefully the home learning section will help you here but please feel that you can come and ask us questions when needed.
Well we have to bid farewell to London now, unfortunately! The children have absolutely loved this topic and learnt loads about their capital city. Hopefully they will enjoy our next topic of “Lights, Camera, Action!” all about Disney characters, tales and history. We will make mod rock people, build cars, mime like Charlie Chaplin and learn all about forces. No doubt it will be another fun term of learning!!
We hope, and are sure, that you all enjoyed and took huge pride in your child’s writing from assessment week that we sent home with them! Writing across the phase is phenomenal! This week we have changed our focus slightly within our recounts unit from writing different diaries to working with a group to make and present our very own Newsround report on hand washing! We’ve had songs, raps, actions, little sketches to illustrate a point and even some ad libs! The children found it quite a challenge to not read directly from their poster prompts at first but tried so hard to think about their intonation and audience when they spoke for the final recording. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the star performances on our Robin Hood TV channel.
Next half term we will be moving back into a narrative unit of study, focussing on Disney books to build characters, settings and stories of our own.
This week each teacher within the phase has focussed on specific areas that they felt important, following on from assessment week. Year one have been practising their doubling skills, both with counters to visualise what double actually means and also speed doubling for those children who have grasped the concept. Year 1-2 have used money to consolidate different functions within numeracy through open ended questions, such as you have 3 coins in your purse - how much could you have? You lose 1 coin, how much could you have now? You have £1.26 in your purse, use the fewest coins possible to make this figure, convert £s to Ps and change from £2/£5/£15. Year 2 have been looking at flipping sums around to fill in missing number problems, such as 60+?=63, 45 =?+5, ?-10=15, 8X?=40 and so on. It is so important that children working within level 2 (see your assessment sheet that your child’s teacher gave you) can manipulate, alter the order of sums and do the opposite of what is stated in the question to find the answer – like to find what you multiply 8 by to get 40, you should divide 40 by 8.
Lower Key Stage 2 Newsletter
Wow what an exciting and busy half term we have had in LKS2, the children have blown us away with their efforts and we are so pleased with the fantastic progress everyone has made in their assessments. We would like to congratulate all the children for today’s amazing Easter service. Those of you who were lucky enough to attend, I’m sure you will agree the singing, Bible paintings and Spring time poems were of an exceptional standard and it was a really enjoyable service . Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended a consultation this week, it has been a pleasure to share all of the pupils great successes with you all and we look forward to another half term of exciting learning after the holidays.
The children have had a great time this half term learning all about the various world mysteries and other curious phenomena. Next half term we are learning all about the incredible City that we live in with our new topic ‘Where we live’. We will be learning about the Landscape of Leeds, what Leeds is famous for, how Leeds has changed through the ages and all the attractions Leeds has to offer. We will also be studying our local area and finding out all about Rothwell and why it is such a fantastic place to live.
This week the children have been busy using all of their written and mental strategies to solve Easter problems and investigations involving the four operations. Next half term we will be studying fractions, time and shape so any practice over the holiday will be extremely useful. Please see the blog and the school website for any additional home learning and support around strategies.
This week we have been writing some spring time and Easter poems, which we shared during our Easter service. These will also be displayed in the 3/4 corridor so please pop in and have a look at all of the children’s gorgeous handwriting and presentation. We have also been writing up a newspaper article and again these are going to be displayed around school for everyone to admire. Next half term our literacy unit will be narrative writing so the children will be learning how to write a successful story ensuring they are writing a detailed opening, build up, climax and resolution.
This week we have completed our unit studying flowering plants. We have taken one final look at our investigations and have used the results to form a detailed conclusion. Next half term we will be looking at magnets and carrying out various investigations.
Our indoor PE unit next half term is dance where the children will be learning this years ‘Big Dance routine’. We will then perform this altogether with the rest of the school in the hope to break a world record. We will also be showing the Big Dance routine at this year’s Sport day event. Our outdoor PE unit next half term will be
These Spellings will be tested on Tuesday 22nd April.
Group 1: over, old, half, could, should, would, ball, call, your, laugh
Group 2: absence, sentence, commence, defence, offence, finance, exercise, experiment, announced, audience
Year 4 Residential
Thank you to all of the children who brought back their consent forms for residential. If any are still outstanding please ensure these are returned to school as soon as possible. All of the children going on residential have now received a kit list and itinerary for the trip. These are also available on the blog. Miss Thackeray and Mrs Brook are holding a meeting regarding residential on Wednesday 23rd April at 3:30pm in the school hall to go through the itinerary in more detail and they will also be on hand to answer any questions. .
Home Learning
Although we are no longer sending home photocopied resources for home learning, we have saved many resources onto the phase blog for you to download. These resources are related to our weekly learning and are entirely optional. Any links to games and websites that we have used will also be posted to the blog.  Paper copies of resources from in class are often available daily for the children to take home. We would also like the children to continue to read daily and ensure they are recording this in their reading records so we can reward their efforts with stickers! In addition to this, the children should be practising and learning their spellings and Times Tables as this was the key skill that has let many children down when trying to calculate multiplications, divisions and fractions this half term. The times table we will be testing next week is the 3 Times Table. We are really impressed with the children’s continued effort with learning their times tables and all the children who are getting 12 out of 12 are celebrated on our  blog ‘Wall of Fame’ on a weekly basis.

·    There will be no swimming for Year 4 in the first week back after Easter.
·    Please ensure your child has an art shirt in school at all times.
·    The current weather is very changeable and so we ask that your child brings a suitable coat to school every day.
·    Please ensure all of your child’s belongings (especially PE kits, hats and gloves and school jumpers) are clearly labelled with your child’s full name.
·    Remember the children have two PE units a week now, one indoor (Thursday) and one outdoor (Wednesday), so please ensure they are bringing the correct kit each week.
·    Can all children please be provided with a named water bottle, especially on PE days?
Don’t forget to check out our blog where you will find lots more information about this week’s learning as well as important reminders and dates for forthcoming events.
Enjoy your weekend!
Team 3/4
UKS2 Newsletter
The Year 5/6 team would just like to wish everyone a wonderful Easter! We are looking forward to seeing the children refreshed and ready for an exciting and action-packed summer term!
Friday Celebration Assembly:
·    Our next phase assembly will be on Friday 25th April.  We look forward to seeing you there to show off the amazing learning from this half term! The new school captains will also receive their badges on this day too!
Home Learning:
The Year 5 children have all received some mental maths booklets to practice at home, at your leisure. There is a question booklet for parents to read from which also contains the answers. The children have also received a separate booklet in which to record their answers. This does not need to be handed back in to school; it is merely a resource to support with mental maths strategies.
We ask that the children continue to read at home over the holidays and record this into their planners, a minimum of 4 entries per week is recommended and the children will be rewarded stamps and stickers for the entries recorded for each week.
The Year 6 children were given their Splat the SAT packs early this half term to allow them longer to complete the packs. These are due in on Tuesday 22nd April.
The year 6 children also have their Numeracy Study Guides and question books to complete at home too.  We encourage children to delve into aspects of Numeracy in this book which they feel they need extra support with. Although completing the pages is not compulsory, we are keen to reward your child’s effort.  You can support your child by marking the questions; you will find the answers in the back of the book.  Alternatively, your child can mark their own learning and make any amendments to their answers in pen so we can see the changes made.  After the Easter break, can we please ask that the children bring their study guide and question book into school, as we may refer to these during Numeracy sessions in the run up to SATs.
Year 6 – Rodillian.
Please note: Due to some confusion with regards to the Training Days at Rodillian, it has been requested that all parents of our Year 6 Rodillian starters visit their website:, go to New Students, Year 6 Induction Programme to indicate the days their children will be attending the academy. Thank you.
Thursday June 12th 4:30pm -7:30pm
Year 6 information Evening
Monday 14th July until Tuesday 22nd July inclusive
(Please note: Although there are three training days at Rodillian, this does not apply to the new starters, Year 6 children will still attend during the three training days.
Year 6 induction
Core Subjects:
This week in Numeracy, the children have been using and applying the Bus Stop and Chunking Method to divide by single and digit numbers!    
This week pupils have been writing their own newspaper report about their own chosen theme, some of the themes chosen were: the environment, sport or world affairs. The children also chose their own target audience, making sure that their article was written to suit their audience.  
SPELLINGS: There are 19 spellings to learn over the holidays (an odd number, we know), however, these words are homophones that many of the children become confused with. The children will hear a sentence which contains one of these words in context. They are as follows: there, they’re, their, who’s, whose, peace, piece, aisle, isle, past, passed, steel, steal, allowed, aloud, herd, heard, threw and through. Your child has received a copy of these spelling and will be tested on Friday 25th April. 
Other Areas of the Curriculum:
Art: The children have been very busy getting very creative and a little bit messy (really sorry parents) this half term. We have been making Koinobori flags, which are carp-shaped flags which represent strength and determination of children in Japan, which are flown to celebrate Children’s Day. We have also been adding beautiful Japanese decorations onto sections of a kimono which will be sewn together over the holidays. The children have also been designing plates using glass paints to replicate landscapes from traditional Japanese settings…. All of which are beautiful and professional outcomes which can be seen on our blog or at our Celebration Assembly.
PE: This half term, the children have been incredibly lucky to have been taught Judo by our specialist teachers. The children showed great discipline and an appreciation for martial arts and the children all received a certificate to celebrate their efforts – well done, guys!
Next half term, we will be practising the Big Dance in addition to our usual outdoor PE sessions. Visit our blog to have a sneaky preview of the Big Dance for 2014 and to get a little bit of extra practice in before we begin…

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