Friday, 10 October 2014

Issue 6 2014-15

Newsletter Issue 6

Friday 10th October 2014

 Dear Parent/Carer,

Well the weather has certainly turned and Autumn (a rather wet one!) has arrived. We have had our first rainy playtimes this week and given that we are six weeks into the Autumn term, I guess we should be grateful!
It continues to be a pleasure to greet you at the gate at least once a week and a lovely way to start the day. Thank you for the positive feedback that has come as a result of me doing this.

Thank you to considerate drivers
I would like to extend a message of thanks to those parents who are showing real consideration in parking outside of the school and in local residential areas. It does make a huge difference to all who live and work in the proximity whilst we continue through challenging circumstances and great to hear that more parents are accessing the Gardner’s Arms car park.

Health and Safety on site
All children were treated to a safety assembly this week, delivered by Bermar (the contractors on site). It covered how to be safe on a building site and the children even got to meet “Ivor Goodsite”, Bermar’s resident mascot! The children will be taking part in a safety poster competition which will be judged in a few weeks. Winners will be able to win generous book tokens.

Big Draw 2014
The Big Draw 2014 will take place on Monday (13th). All children will be engaging in drawing which may at times get messy. Please provide your child with an old shirt or top. Our usual “family service” lunch will not take place on Monday and Tuesday as the hall will be in use and transformed into our own gallery of art work. Instead, lunch will be provided in classrooms. Please come along at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday 14th October as the hall doors will be opened for all to view the incredible art work, which I know will be produced by our pupils.

Mrs Mistry
With sadness, I must inform you that Mrs Mistry will be leaving Robin Hood Primary School from the October half term. Mrs Mistry has been with us for 4 years and has contributed significantly to school life, not only as a brilliant Teaching Assistant but through her commitment to the Arts and high quality displays across school.
I shall be very sad to see her go as I'm sure you all will be. I hope you will all join me in wishing Mrs Mistry all the very best in her future ventures.

Moving forward and learning together
Thank you to those parents who came along to our first “Moving forward and learning together” meeting in the hall on Monday morning. The feedback was very positive; thank you. We hope to see more of you at the next one which will take place on Monday 1st December at 8:15 am and will be focussed around the agendas of:

·     Our website- what isn’t there that should be?
·     The use of Twitter – ways to take this forward and engage more parents
·     Our blogs- How we can get even more use out of blogs? What blogs  should we keep/not keep?
If you are unable to come along but have some points you would like us to consider regarding any of these, then please contact either myself or Miss Hinton as everyone’s opinion is valuable.

PTA news

Only two weeks to go to the Halloween disco and we are busy making sure that we have enough food, drink, glo sticks and fun games for you to all enjoy.  Unfortunately at the moment we are rather short on volunteers to help out during the evening.  If there are any parents, grandparents or carers that would be willing to help out, even if just for half an hour, it would be very much appreciated. Please remember without the volunteers, discos and other PTA events would not be able to go ahead.  We need help from 3:30pm until 6:00pm so if you are able to help us out please either speak to anyone connected to the PTA before or after school, I’m usually hanging around Yr3/4 entrance, nursery or reception and Kay is at Yr5/6 entrance.  Alternatively email us at

Please note it appears that some of the disco invites are showing an incorrect date. The slip and £1 needs to be returned to the school office by 3p.m. on Monday 20th October.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody.

Mrs Dale
Nursery newsletter
Well I would just like to start by saying how smart the children looked in their very first school photograph, I think you will agree that they all looked wonderful! I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our families for engaging with our Learning Logs weekly, it is wonderful to see how proud the children are to share the things that they have been doing, the children are increasing in confidence every single day. Please look on our blog for the latest information and to see what has been happening in Nursery at
In our literacy sessions this week, we have shared the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by the author Marcus Pfister. This book is brilliant for the children’s social and emotional development as it explores friendship choices and the way that our actions can make others feel. In numeracy we have been looking at different shapes and colours. We have been very impressed with the children’s knowledge of shapes. It would be really helpful if you could look for shapes in the environment with your children.
To support our Literacy please can you send in a family photograph on Monday morning/Wednesday afternoon; please make sure this is a spare copy as we will need to cut it up. We will be reading some stories about families and talking about our family life and why we love our families so much. In literacy the children will be using their pictures to make a ’family tree’. In Numeracy we will be using different 2D shapes to make a house, carefully selecting the shapes for the features. 
·       Learning logs need to come into school every Monday/Wednesday along with reading books and home learning. Please continue to engage with the home learning and ensure you read for 5 minutes daily with your child.
·       Please help us by continuing to give your child lots of opportunities to talk about what they have been learning. Talk about the shapes you can see and the sounds you can hear in the environment. 
·       Please send in a water bottle (no juice) and a coat every day – we will be playing and learning outside whatever the weather!
Thank you
Mrs Harley and the Nursery Team
Reception newsletter
The children and staff have had another great week in Reception and we were very proud of how grown up they were this week when they responded to a fire drill quickly and calmly – well done. Thank you for engaging with our weekly words and home learning tasks, it is wonderful to see how proud our children are when they receive a certificate for getting a hundred percent. We will be sending home phase 2 alphabet mats – we have ticked the letters and sounds that your child is confident with; we really need your support to ensure your child learns the other sounds by the end of this half term. Have a look at our blog for the latest information and to see what has been happening in Reception at:
In our literacy sessions this week, we have shared some stories about ‘Our families’ and the children have created their own family booklet. We have discussed what our own families like to do and it is amazing how many daddies (apparently) like to have a snooze on the sofa! We have also sent home slips for you to book an appointment for parents consultations so please could you make sure these are returned promptly. In numeracy we have been focusing on 2D shapes and in our phonics sessions we have been practising reading the sounds ck, e, u, r and the words him, his, not, got, up, mum.
We will be reading one of our favourite books – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. We will be focusing on verbally retelling the story using drama which we will be recording to share with you at our Celebration assembly on Friday 24th October. To support our topic please can you send any conkers, leaves, twigs or stones that you may find when you are out on autumn walks. Thank you. In phonics we will be practising reading and writing the sounds h, b and f and words I, no, go, to, the, into. Please help us by continuing to give your child lots of opportunities to practice reading the sounds and words each week as we have a different set introduced on a weekly basis. In Numeracy we will be counting and matching numbers as well as considering how to order numbers, especially if some are missing.
Our Celebration assembly on Friday 24th October 2.30-3.00 in the hall – all welcome.
·       Learning logs need to come into school every Monday along with reading bags and home learning. Please engage with the home learning and ensure you read for 5 minutes daily and help your child learn their spellings.  
·       Please make sure that your child has a PE kit in school; it can stay in their locker and come home every half term holiday.
·       Please send in a water bottle (no juice) and a coat every day
·       Please support your child to write their full name and give them lots of praise and encouragement.
·        If you have time to do some extra practice on phonics, have a look at Mr Thorne and Phonics Play
For some fun activities which will support the teaching and learning in school.
Thank you
Miss Lambert, Mrs Steel and the Reception Team
Key Stage 1
What a lovely week we have had in KS1! All of the children have had super attitudes towards their learning and have tried their best each and every day. Well done KS1!
Home learning
 As stated in last week’s newsletter, the compulsory home learning each week is:
·         10 spellings per week (5 mins X 3 times a week)
·         Recall of number facts (5 mins X 3 times a week)
·         Reading and/or using Bug Club. (10 mins X 3 times a week)
You will find this week’s spellings in your child’s reading record. Those children who have achieved 10/10 and those who have tried exceptionally hard will receive one of our brand new certificates. It has been lovely to see so many learning logs being brought into school this week and the children have come in beaming with pride. We cannot emphasise enough how important your input is and it will have an incredibly positive influence on your child’s progress. Have fun! Please make sure you write in the reading record at least 3 times per week. Your child will receive a sticker in their reading record the following week for any documented learning. Thank you.
Thank you
Thank you for replying to parent’s evening time slots so promptly. Everyone should now have a ten minute time slot with your child’s teacher. We will speak to you about how your child has settled in to their new classrooms and routines. We will also share with you information around what levels your child is working at and the next steps in their learning. We can’t wait to tell you how fantastic all your children are!
Key Stage 1 have been learning all about estimation and rounding. We have learnt that when you estimate an amount, you are having a sensible guess. Being able to estimate is a life skill and it helps us to be able to solve problems really quickly. We have been really impressed with the strategies children have been using when estimating, for example when estimating the amount of a large group of objects, children have grouped the objects into small groups and then counted up in 5’s or 10’s to find the overall the amount. Next week the children will be doing some numeracy assessments. This isn’t anything for you or your child to worry about; it is just a chance for them to show us what they have learnt this half term. It also allows us to look at any areas that your child may need more support on and for us to plan for their needs accordingly.
In literacy this week the children made a leaflet all about butterflies. We were blown away with the varying amount of sentence starters within their writing this week. This makes their leaflets interesting and engaging. In addition to this, the children have been working hard to understand how to incorporate higher level conjunctions into their writing, including however, even though and despite the fact.  Next week, the children will be writing a non-chronological report all about animals, a topic they know lots about! This will be marked and your children will receive a level. You will be given these as part of your consultation on parent’s evening.
We have had such an exciting week in topic this week. The children have designed their own animal bookmark and have begun making it from felt. Next week the children will begin to sew their bookmarks using a range of stitches including running stitch, over stitch and cross stitch.
Butterfly Update
We now have two butterflies which have hatched out of their pupas. How exciting! We are hopeful that by the time we get back to school on Monday all our chrysalises will have turned into butterflies so we can release them into the wild.
Have a lovely weekend.
The Key Stage One Team

Lower Key Stage 2 Newsletter

Thank you everyone for another wonderful week; fabulous writing, tricky sums in maths and incredible group posters about the Iron Age.

Home Learning

In addition to spellings and reading, there is another piece of optional home learning this week. You may have noticed a little bit of building work going on around school at the moment… well the construction company are running a poster competition for the children after they gave an informal assesmbly about site safety on Monday. The posters need to explain the dangers of a building site and the prize will be a book token given to two winners per class. The posters must be A4 and you can use whatever material you like to decorate them; paint, felt tips, pencil crayons – it’s entirely up to you. Entries need to be in by Friday 24th October. Good luck!

Harvest Goods
This year’s Harvest Fesitval, which will be performed by KS1, is taking place in the school on Friday 17th October at 10:00. Due to limited space in the hall, this performance will be for children only. KS1 will then perform the assembly again at 14:20 for any parents who would like to come along. You are more than welcome to attend even if your child isn’t in KS1 . This year we are also collecting some food to give out to the local community. If you would like to donate, please can you send in some unperishable food with your child before Friday 24th October. Thank you.

Our two weeks of Superhero fact-file writing culminated in some incredible final outcomes this week. The children have produced some stunning pieces of work which will shortly be displayed in and around our classrooms. The sophistication of their vocabulary choices has been outstanding. They are really thinking carefully about the adjectives they choose to ensure they are purposeful. Keep up the hard work and there will be more pen people before we know it! Super duper!

This week we learnt all about column addition and subtraction. The children have practised the technique, focussing specifically on where to position their numbers and making sure they are in the right columns. Take a look on the blog for some useful activities to try at home. If you do any numeracy at home with your child, it’s really useful to use lots of different words for ‘add’ and ‘subtract’ so they become familiar with the vocabulary.

·         Add: plus, total, sum, altogether, more than, addition.

·         Subtract: take away, minus, difference, remove, less, how many more.

In topic we are trialling a new approach called ‘Project Based Learning’. The children are working in small research groups and have produced some fantastic presentations about a specific area of the Iron Age which interests them. They have learnt to search for appropriate information, categorise it into themes and present is clearly. The final posters are incredible! Next week we will start making our Iron Age artefacts, some of which will be displayed in Leeds City Museum!

These Spellings will be tested next week:

Group 1: bravely, clearly, cheerfully, carefully, madly, neatly, nearly, really, weakly, weekly

Group 2: candle, ankle, rectangle, symbol, single, difficult, signal, athletics, animal, Christmas

We’re very excited about this year’s ‘Big Draw’ which will be taking place on Monday 13th October. The theme for the day is ‘Our World’ and Lower Key Stage Two are focussing specifically on South America. Please can you ensure your child brings an old T-Shirt or art shirt to protect their clothes on Monday?

Have a lovely weekend!

Team 3/4

Upper Key Stage 2 Newsletter

Year 6 Numeracy SAT Workbooks
All of the Year 6 children have been given a Numeracy Study Guide and a workbook. The Year 5/6 teachers just wanted to remind all children that if they wish to bring this in to school to share what they have completed, then they will be rewarded with a Head teacher’s sticker after every five pages they complete. The children are more than welcome to bring this in to school, to practice during quiet reading sessions and at registration time. However class teachers will stamp them and reward stickers on a Monday morning when planners are also checked

The Big Draw.
It is that time of year again where we will be getting creative (and a little messy) on Monday October 13th for our annual Big Draw. We ask that all children bring in an old shirt to wear whilst painting on Monday if possible, thank you!

We are seeking donations of non-perishable goods as part of our Harvest celebrations. It would be lovely to have a bounty of food that we can distribute to the community after our Harvest festival on Friday 24th October. If anybody has any food to donate, then please send it in with your child to be placed on the worktops in the mall. Thank you in advance.

Leeds Children’s Mayor
A huge ‘Well done’ to Amelie in 5/6G who was our finalist that was entered for the Leeds Children’s Mayor competition. Her manifesto which explained her idea for a more child-friendly Leeds has been submitted and we are awaiting the results…..Watch this space!

Leeds Junior Maths Challenge.
On Tuesday, Chit, Amelie, Eva and Videet went to Leeds Grammar School to take part in the annual Leeds Junior Maths Challenge. They took part in some exciting and brain-teasing maths challenges against thirty schools from across Leeds and guess what…. they are in the top ten highest-scoring schools, so they will be going back in November to compete in the finals! Congratulations, guys!

Times Table Challenge
The first Year 5/6 Times Table Challenge of the year will be held on Friday October 17th. For additional support with times tables, visit our Year 5/6 blog to access the ‘Hit the Button’ resource which is a great interactive game to help with times table practice.

In Numeracy this week, pupils have been learning strategies such as; the ‘Grid Method’ method to multiply whole numbers and decimals. The children have applied these strategies to some theme park area problems, to find the area of compound shapes – challenging stuff! Visit and select ‘Calculating Multiplication and Division’ and then ‘Pencil and Paper’ strategies for a whole range of interactive resources to support children with these methods.

This week in Literacy, pupils have been identifying persuasive features that are used in travel articles. Pupils have also identified; simple, compound and complex sentences and experimented in extending and manipulating sentence clauses. Next week, pupils will apply writing techniques in their assessment for the Autumn term.  The spellings for next week are: common, money, senior, region, honour, hourly, crow, crowd, fluid, fruit. Your child has received a copy of these spellings and will be tested on Friday 17th October.  

During Topic this week, the children have been working together to research a natural wonder of the world: Victoria Falls, The Great Barrier Reef and Mount Everest to name but a few. They have also enjoyed having the chance to be artistic and recreate images of the Northern Lights. They have learnt the science behind the Northern Lights and been inspired by photographs and video to create their own version of this natural wonder using paints, pastels and a range of techniques.

In ICT, the children have been improving their own posts about our current topic, ‘Our Great Earth’.  The children have all successfully logged on to the blogger page as an authorised user, have written a reflective comment and have managed to change the font and style of writing to make their post more appealing to their audience.

In science this week we have been classifying plants and discussed how they are useful. We have learnt that they can be divided into 2 groups: vascular and non-vascular and have used scientific vocabulary to write a definition of this. In addition, we have also divided the vascular plants into 2 groups- Gymniosperms which are non-flowering plants and angiosperms which are flowering plants!

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