Friday, 14 November 2014

Issue 10 2014-15

Newsletter Issue 10

Friday 14th November 2014

Dear Parent/Carer,
We started the week presenting the winners of the Health and Safety poster competition, which recognised and celebrated children’s knowledge of building site safety. I hope all children who received their prizes were pleased with their success. Well done to all of the children for their brilliant outcomes. Choosing winners was a very tough process.  
This week we have also taken some time to think about all those who have given their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today. We observed a minute’s silence across school at 11 a.m. on Remembrance Day (Tuesday) and it was lovely to see some children wearing their poppies with pride.

Teaching Assistant
This week we have appointed a new teaching assistant to join our fantastic existing team of support staff. Rachel Hobson will join us in Year 1/ 2 (Miss Mees’s class) from January.

In school this year, we are doing a lot of awareness around how to stay safe online. Our children have access to the internet through all sorts of devices these days and it is important that we know we are educating them in how to protect themselves. In order for us to do this effectively, we require a little help from you. We would be very grateful if you could spare 5 minutes of your time to complete an anonymous questionnaire about your child’s usage of technology outside of school. The survey is online- you can find the link on our phase blogs and it will soon be on the e-safety section of the website. You will be required to type a password, which is: WF3. We will keep the survey open until the 5th December. Many thanks for your help. The survey can also be found at:  

Parent View
Whilst on line, we would appreciate some more responses to the Ofsted Parent View questionnaire which you were informed of via a letter on Wednesday. We have had a trickle of responses; thank you to those who have offered their views. The more responses we receive, the more accurate our evaluation can be. Thank you. Please visit:

Milner Lane parking
We would appreciate it if you could observe respect for the residents on Milner Lane at drop off and pick up time. It has been brought to our attention that parents parking on the lane is proving problematic. We continue to ask for your patience and cooperation whilst the building work continues.

PTA News

Thank you to everyone who dropped off their unwanted clothes at school on Monday morning.  Thank you also to everyone who has ordered Christmas cards etc. with their child’s beautiful art work on.  So far there has been a massive £1,664 worth of orders.  I will post a profit figure once we have it.
The raffle tickets have been issued and the winners will be drawn at the Christmas Craft Fayre on the 29th November.  A big thank you to Rebecca who has organised the printing and collecting of the monies for the raffle tickets, this is quite a big job so her help is appreciated.  Please return stubs, monies and any unsold tickets to the school office.

We do require a number of helpers for the Christmas Craft Fayre so if you are able to help out in any of the following areas please contact us…

·  Helpers required to unload the stallholders’ cars 10a.m. until 12p.m. (Due to    limited parking this will really help).

·  A volunteer to collect the stallholders fee and donation 12p.m. until  12:30p.m.

·  Helpers to set up, Friday evening 3:15p.m. until 5p.m. and also Saturday morning 10a.m. until 12p.m.

·  Helpers to clean and tidying away after 3p.m. until 5p.m. on Saturday.

·  A volunteer to look after the balloon stall 12p.m. until 3p.m. (this job could be shared).

Contact us at, Facebook; Robin Hood Primary School PTA, Twitter; @robinhoodpta.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

Mrs Dale

REMEMBER! Moving forward and learning together

Monday 1st December at 8:15 a.m. and will be focussed around the agendas of:

·     Our website- what isn’t there that should be?

·     The use of Twitter – ways to take this forward and engage more parents

·     Our blogs- How we can get even more use out of blogs? What blogs should we keep/not keep?

Those who cannot attend are encouraged to contact either myself or Miss Hinton as everyone’s opinion is valuable.               
Nursery newsletter
Thank you for coming to our assembly, I hope you all enjoyed it!  We are very proud of all of the children, they work really hard in nursery and it was a brilliant chance for them to show you all of their amazing learning! Have a look at our blog for the latest information and to see what has been happening in Nursery at:
We learned all about Diwali –sharing the story of Rama and Sita. We have dressed up and engaged in some really good role-play. The children have had fun with the clay and made some wonderful ‘Diva Lamps’ to celebrate Diwali. We have even had a fabulous Diwali party - thank you for your generous food donations. In Maths we have been looking at ‘Rangoli Patterns’ and using our knowledge of shapes.
We will be learning about general celebrations such as weddings, christenings, anniversaries and birthdays. If you have any family photographs of these celebrations, please feel free to send them in to school with your child and we can share them. We will be practicing our mark making skills and looking at different kinds of marks – bumpy lines, zig zag lines, swirly lines etc. In maths we will be talking about size and building towers of different heights.
·        Learning logs and any home learning need to come into school every Monday (beginning of week children) or Wednesday (end of week children).
·        Please continue to talk to your children about the sounds they can hear – this is really helping with their phonics and their ability to identify sounds – thank you.
·         Where possible please include numbers, shape and colour in your conversation.
·         Please send in a water bottle (no juice) and a coat every day.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Harley and the Nursery Team
Reception newsletter
We had a great week last week with our author visit and Bonfire party and this one has been just as much fun as we have celebrated Diwali! The staff in Reception have set up some Diwali areas and Miss Fox has been producing fabulous mehndi patterns for the children. We enjoyed a super Diwali party with drumming and delicious food – thank you again for your generosity! Have a look at our blog for the latest information and to see what has been happening in Reception at:
We learned all about Diwali – sharing the story of Rama and Sita and retelling it using lots of puppets, props and role-play. The children celebrated on Friday with a Diwali party and we had a special guest to show us real Indian drumming as well as our own Miss Fox who created Mehndi patterns on hands using washable face paint. This week we have been focusing on the sounds x, y, z and zz and the words see, for, now, down, look and too. In numeracy we have built on the concept of addition by introducing subtraction and the children have enjoyed showing us their counting and calculation skills!
We will be learning about general celebrations such as weddings, christenings, anniversaries and birthdays. Each day in our topic sessions the children will be baking buns to sell in order to raise funds for Children in Need. You should receive an invitation from your child telling you which day they will be baking. In literacy we will be focusing on writing shopping lists and party invitations – again encouraging the children to show us how many sounds they can write. During numeracy sessions, we will be focusing on one more and one less and will be using these skills in a practical way. Our phonics will focus on qu and then recapping on all the letters and sounds we have taught in Phase 2 since September. Ideally we will then be moving the children on to the Phase 3 letters and sounds so please can you ensure you do some extra practising at home over the weekend. Thank you.
·        Learning logs need to come into school every Monday along with reading bags and home learning. Please engage with the home learning and ensure you listen to your child read for 5 minutes every day and help your child learn their spellings.  
·       Please make sure that all clothing is clearly named and if your child comes home in spare clothes, please could you wash and return them as soon as possible.
·       PE kits need to be in school every Friday.
·       Please send in a water bottle (no juice) and a coat every day.
·       Please support your child to write their full name and give them lots of praise and encouragement.
·       If you have time to do some extra practice on phonics, have a look at Mr Thorne and Phonics Play For some fun activities which will support the teaching and learning in school.
Thank you
Miss Lambert, Mrs Steel and the Reception Team
Dates for your diary.
Friday 12/12 Performance 9.30-10.15
and 2.15 – 3.00 (ticket only – more information to follow)
Thursday 18/12 Christmas shop in Reception 2.45 – 3.00
Friday 19/12 Christmas party – wear  party clothes/bring food
Key Stage 1
What a fantastic week we have had, full of learning! The children are really enjoying their new topic of the Theatre and we would like to thank all the parents and carers who have brought in puppets and dressing up clothes. Any donations linked to the theatre are greatly received, thank you!
Home learning
The compulsory home learning each week is:
·       10 spellings per week (5 mins X 3 times a week)
·        Recall of number facts (5 mins X 3 times a week) – Please continue to practice number bonds for 5, 10 and 20. E.g. 3 + 2 = 5  What other ways can your children show this?
·       Reading and/or using Bug Club. (10 mins X 3 times a week).
·       2 times tables. We have decided to spend more time on the X2 table so please continue to do this up to 2 X10. Any counting in 2’s is also a good skill to reinforce with your child.
We have acted upon parent feedback from Parents evening and last week introduced our first Numeracy based learning worksheet linked to the number facts and skills the children are learning at school. This learning is not compulsory and is entirely up to you as a parent if you wish your child to do this. If you would like any extra support or have any questions about this learning task please speak to your class teacher. 
Key Stage one will be continuing to practice their addition skills next week. The children have been practising and using the following skills:
·         Counting objects and joining two different groups together.
·         Putting the biggest number in their head and then counting on. (16 + 3 = 19) 
·         Breaking up numbers (partitioning) and putting them back together.
·         E.g.  25 + 14 =    39     20 + 10 = 30  5 + 4 = 9          30 + 9 = 39.
·         Working it out mentally in their heads.
·         Some children have begun to use column addition.
The children have been really enjoying writing stories! Next week each class will be changing what book they will be using to help them in their learning. In Year 1 this will be “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”, in Year 1/2 this will be “Gorilla” and in Year 2 this will be “Where the wild things are”.  The children will be focusing on different punctuation such as Capital Letters, Full Stops, Exclamation Marks, Question Marks, Ellipses, Brackets, Commas and Speech Marks. When reading with your child see if you can spot where these may be used and talk about why the author has used them.
BOX PLEA!!!!!!!
Next week the children will be starting a two week unit of Design and Technology. They will be working in groups of four and making their own stage out of wood! We would like the children to also try to design stages out of different materials such as boxes, yoghurt pots and kitchen rolls. So if you are planning on putting any of these in to your recycle bin please bring them in to school instead. We thank you in advance!
Christmas Play Dates
Dates for your diaries:
Monday 15th December – KS1 Afternoon performance 2:00 - 3:00
Tuesday 16th December – KS1 Morning performance 9:30 - 10:30
Tuesday 16th December – KS1 Late night performance 5:00 - 6:00
Next week your children will be given their part, what costume they will need and any lines they may need to learn.
Year 2 Residential
Next year we are planning on our first 24 hour adventure camp school! This will involve the Year 2 children sleeping over at school on the school field! We have planned for a company called ‘Compass Adventure’ to come in on Thursday 4th June at 3pm until 3pm on Friday 5th June. The children will take part in a range of activities such as Bush craft (Making bread and eating bugs), Camp craft (Marshmallows on the fire and sleeping in tents) plus lots more interesting things to do! We are holding a meeting about this residential on Thursday 11th December at 3:15pm.  It would be great to see as many parents as possible to see how many children would be interested in taking part. It should really be a fantastic opportunity for your child!
Have a lovely weekend.
The Key Stage One Team

LKS2 Newsletter
What an action packed week it has been! The highlight has got to be the incredible portraits produced by the children. We looked at a variety of portraits from the Tudor and Victorian times and then the children created a portrait of themselves as a monarch! They were so patient and persistent when learning how to accurately draw a face (no easy task!) After several attempts it’s fair to say they cracked it! We are so proud of what they have achieved and very soon they will be on display. We’ll be sure to put lots of pictures on the blog too.
This week we have been tackling subtraction problems using mental and written strategies. We have practised quickly counting back in tens and units, worked on identifying several shortcuts for speedy mental subtraction and practised column subtraction to tackle bigger numbers. Next week we’re moving onto multiplication. Next week we will be testing the children on their 12 times tables however we would appreciate your time and continued support in helping your child to learn ALL of their tables. Thank you.
Just a reminder that our Parent Workshop based on Subtraction will now be held in Miss Gascoigne’s room on Tuesday November 18th at 4.15 – 5.00pm.
We have finished our persuasive letters and they will be in the post imminently! Let’s hope we get lots of replies – or better yet, a visit! Next we are going to go back in time and persuade Henry viii to change his ways through a persuasive speech!
These Spellings will be tested on Monday 17th November. Please support your child in practicing their spellings every day to help them achieve 10/10 in their spelling test every week.
Group 1: bowl, crow, snow, arrow, window, elbow, throw, blow, snowman, rainbow
Group2: picture, temperature, nature, future, mixture, leisure, measure, treasure, signature, pleasure
Topic - Learning on display at Leeds City Museum!
Some of the children’s posters are now on display at Leeds City Museum in the Learning Space (we’d have loved to display them all but space was limited – we squeezed on as many as possible!) If you’re in Leeds, pop in and ask to have a look. You might have to ask someone to let you into the room but I’m sure they would be more than happy to oblige. There are lots of craft sessions on a Saturday morning so the room will definitely be open then. Lots of workshops, classes and learning sessions take place in the Learning Space and our learning will be seen by many schools from around the city! You should all be very proud of what you achieved! Take a look on the 3/4 blog to see the display.
·       Please ensure your child’s labelled PE kit (indoor and outdoor) is kept in school from Monday-Friday every week
·       Please ensure your child has an appropriate coat to wear that is fully labelled. Thank you.
·       Operation Christmas Child boxes will be collected next week on Tuesday 18th November.
·       Our next Showcase Assembly will take place on Friday 21st November at 2.30pm. We hope you will be able to join us as we share some of the children’s amazing learning. 
·        Christmas performance dates:
Tuesday 16th Dec – Afternoon Performance – 2.00 – 3.00pm
Wednesday 17th Dec – Evening performance – 5.00 – 6.00pm
Thursday 18th Dec – Morning performance – 9.30 – 10.30
More details will be shared with you shortly in terms of acquiring tickets, etc.
Have a lovely weekend.
Team 3/4.
Upper Key Stage 2 Newsletter
Fire talk
This week, our pupils were paid a visit from firefighters based at Rothwell Fire Station. Firefighters discussed the importance of creating a fire plan in the event of a fire at home. In addition to this, the fire service discussed road safety and the significance of wearing a seatbelt. We hope all our pupils now recognise the importance of such valuable messages. 
In numeracy this week, pupils have been learning all about fractions. It has been an action packed week full of amazing learning! We have covered many different concepts, including; simplifying, ordering, converting and adding or subtracting fractions! Next week the children will be learning about percentages, including how to use knowledge of 10% to find other percentages, for examples doubling to get 20%, halving to get 5% etc. the children will also be converting fractions into percentages and finding percentages of amounts before increasing and decreasing amounts by a given percentage.
In literacy this week pupils have worked hard to plan a newspaper report based on a story all about Climate Change. In lessons this week, pupils have looked at researching the main character in the story, developed their understanding of the 5 w’s and practiced writing both reported and direct speech. Next week, pupils will begin to write their report, which documents the rescue attempt of an African boy in a flood triggered by Climate Change. The spellings for next week are; forty, frequently, government, guarantee, harass, hindrance, identity, immediately, individual, interfere. Your child has received a copy of these spelling and will be tested on Friday 21st November.
In topic this week, we have continued to research the concepts of Global Warming and Climate Change. Pupils have used their research from the past two weeks to draw a flow chart diagram, which helps to inform the reader of the concept of Global Warming. Pupils have worked hard to create a visual outcome which uses key Global Warming vocabulary and definitions.
This week the children have been experimenting with the software ‘Scratch’, which enables children to create their own animations. They have explored how to insert characters, backgrounds and audio, ready for when we start creating our own animations.
In Science this week, we have focused in on the Earth, Sun and Moon. Pupils have worked hard to sort selected statements about the Earth, Sun and Moon. They have then used video research to produce a written outcome, which can educate the reader all about the Earth, Sun or Moon with exciting vocabulary and interesting statistics.
In PE this week pupils enjoyed some fun competition in PE. With a focus on static balance and core development, pupils enjoyed a sit down volleyball mini tournament. It was great to see pupils having fun and developing new ways to outwit their opponent!


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