Friday, 22 May 2015

Issue 32 2014-2015

This half term has been another incredible one with lots of immersive learning experiences.
The Foundation Stage has been learning about Castles, Kings and Queens.  The learning environment continues to be outstanding, from castles to role-play in to pictures and labels full of information.  The Foundation Team do an amazing job each half term to create such stimulating environments. 
Key Stage One pupils were engrossed in a ‘Robot Wars’ afternoon where they worked as part of a team making their own remote controlled robot and then competed against each other for the strongest robot!  Such afternoons enthuse the children even more and provides them the opportunity to see ‘robots’ in all their forms.
Year 3/4 pupils have been learning about apartheid which was experienced by many black people living in South Africa and were very proud to show off their incredible autobiographies about Nelson Mandela and his fight for freedom.  The topic was spectacularly concluded this week with an African Arts Day, learning how to play African drums and learning traditional African dances.
Year 5/6 pupils were involved in a Launch Day for the ‘Best of British’ topic. They took part in a series of workshops that included trying British foods, Morris Dancing and hands-on activities to help them understand the British Monarchy.
I would like to say “thank you” to all the staff at Robin Hood for their hard work and dedication and a huge “thank you” to our pupils for the incredible amount of effort they put in to their learning.
Have a lovely half term.
Miss Hinton
Deputy Headteacher

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