Friday, 17 July 2015

Issue 39 2014-2015

Dear Parent/ Carer,
We have almost come to the end of the school year so I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their support this year.
We had a great poetry day at the start of the week, where several children won prizes for their fantastic performances. Andy Craven- Griffiths joined KS1 classes to teach them ways to perform certain types of poems. We also gave out the June Wood Award to two children who were deemed “All-Rounders” by their teachers. Well- deserved and well done!
With the Year 3/ 4 trip to the Lyceum Theatre to see the “Horrible Histories” show and a wonderful Golden Day in the mix, it has been a celebratory and fun week.
In light of some queries regarding payment of trips, I would like to ensure that everyone is aware of the “Charging and Remissions” policy on the website. Hopefully, that will answer any questions. I also take on board that some of the key info from this policy needs explicitly stating in letters home about trips so we will ensure that into next year, this is made clearer. Thanks for your suggestions.
Well everybody, we have two days left before we break off for 7 weeks so have a great summer if I do not see you before and remember that the first day back will be Wednesday 9th September 2015.
Have a great weekend!

Mrs Dale

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