Friday, 6 May 2016

Newsletter 6th May 2016

Dear Parent/ Carer,

We had a very productive PTA meeting on Thursday after school, many thanks to those of you who attended. We have manged to plan a number of future events and we look forward to working together on these.

Our Year 6 pupils take their SATs next week. We are all so very proud of the hard work and determination shown. We wish them all the very best and staff will be serving them breakfast each morning before the tests.

Congratulations to our exceptional footballers, who represented the school at Hunslet Boys Club on Tuesday night. Pupils across the phase competed in a fun competition, where 3 teams impressed with their skills and teamwork. For more details please visit out PE and school sports blog 

We welcome the lovely sunshine and warmer weather, however, we know that this also means that many of us suffer from hay fever and require medication, could I please ask that children are given this before school and not bring this into school as we are not able to administer any medicine.

Enjoy what promises to be a sunny weekend!

Mrs Harris

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