Friday, 6 September 2013

Issue 1 2013-14

Newsletter Issue 1

Friday 6th September 2013

Dear Parent/Carer,

A very warm welcome back to school for the new academic year. I hope everybody had a wonderful summer break and that the children had the down time needed to face the coming year with sufficient gusto!

Our short week has been one of great success and the children have settled into their classes fantastically.

New staff

I would like to welcome Leanne Bailey, who has joined us as a newly qualified teacher in Year 3/ 4. She joins us after successfully completing her teaching qualification at Leeds Metropolitan University. Anna Sutcliffe joins our fabulous team of communication support workers and will be based mostly in Reception. Samina Ahmed will also join the CSW team on a Monday and a Friday. We also welcome Hannah Holmes, who will be supporting in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 as part of Leeds City College apprenticeship programme. Ashley Bell, a former pupil, will be supporting in Year 5/ 6 on a Friday and Helen Young, a parent, will be based in Nursery on a Monday and Tuesday. We look forward to working with you all.


We aim to continue to improve communication with parents. This includes giving sufficient notice for key events and making sure that the School Calendar is updated and populated with the dates and times of key events. We have already added many onto the calendar for this year and will continue to update this regularly. I urge you to use the website resource as a reference point when you are unsure of dates and times of events. Please do remember that past school and phase newsletters can also be accessed on the school website via the Newsletter Blog.

Parent Voice

Parent voice is important to us and this year, we will be holding half termly coffee mornings in the Friendly Faces annexe, where you can come along and discuss school priorities with Miss Thackeray. As part of the development of the school, I feel it is important that both parents and pupils positively contribute ideas and thoughts to the areas that we would like to develop. Therefore, we will set the agendas for discussion and these will fit in with School Council discussions with the children. So that parents who cannot attend get a chance to have their say on these subjects if they wish, I will let you know in advance of the coffee mornings what will be discussed so that you have a chance to email me your contribution if necessary. Again, these dates are on the website but for your information, they will take place as follows:

Monday 7th Oct
9 a.m.- 10 a.m.
Monday 2nd Dec
9 a.m.- 10 a.m.
Monday 10th Feb
9 a.m.- 10 a.m.
Monday 17th March
9 a.m.- 10 a.m.
Monday 19th May
9 a.m.- 10 a.m.

We also aim to invite parents into school to see the learning in action as part of several “Seeing is believing” events. More details to follow.

Trophies and Medals

We will be showing children’s out of school achievements through a “show reel” from now on in assembly. The children will be photographed with their medal, trophy or certificates and celebrated in our Friday assembly. Because of this, we ask that children bring related items in by Thursday each week so that our school captains can manage the photographing and uploading of images ready for Friday’s assemblies. Thanks in advance.

Music Clubs

Any children taking up either Guitar or Keyboard club this year, please be aware that classes start as follows; Thursday 12th September for Guitar and Monday 16th September for Keyboard, both starting at 3:15. There are still a number of places available in each of these classes. Please let Sue or Liz in the office know if you are interested in your child signing up to attend. The cost is a very reasonable £85 a term, which works out at about £7 per hour lesson.


Hello and welcome back after a glorious summer. Just to remind everyone, and to let all the new parents and carers know, this is who we are and where you can contact us;
Chair - Clare Perry, Vice Chair - Rebecca Elsworth, Treasurer - Jane Wardell, Secretary - Stephanie Findlay. Email -  If anyone would like any more information on what we do and how you could help us please feel free to email or speak to us before and after school where we can be found most days.
We are holding our AGM on 4 October at 3:15pm. If you would like to attend please meet us outside the school office after school. We hope to see as many parents and carers as possible to ensure that this year is as much of a success as the last.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Dale

Key Stage 1

Welcome back!

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun! The six week holidays have passed in the blink of an eye! We hope you all had a fantastic summer. The KS1 team are refreshed and raring to go after our six week break and we are so excited to get to know our new classes. We hope the children have settled in well. Their attitude and behaviour has been exemplary and we’re very proud of how well they have adapted to their new routines.

Our team

KS1 Leader – Miss Hinton

Year 1 Teacher – Miss Mees with Mrs Mistry supporting

Year 1/2 – Miss Pensom with Mrs Beckwith supporting

Year 2 – Miss McSorley with Miss Parker and Miss Holmes supporting

As a team we really value the importance of a close link between school and home. It’s important that you know what goes on in school and that we find positive ways to help each other to ensure consistency for the children. We would also like to celebrate the additional learning which your child does at home. To keep you up to speed we will send out a weekly newsletter, hold parents evening twice a year, regularly update the KS1 blog and provide extra, specific help and guidance where relevant. If you have any messages or questions for the class teachers you can leave a message with Mrs Beckwith on the Year 1/2 /Year 2 door or Mrs Mistry on the Year 1 door between 8:50 – 9:00, speak to the class teacher at the end of school or write a message in your child’s reading record.

Water bottles

Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school. It’s so important that they drink enough every day.


Year 1 – Tuesday

Year 1/2 – Wednesday

Year 2 – Thursday

Please ensure your child has their PE kit with them on the right day – it’s normally advised that the children leave their PE kit in their locker at all times to avoid them forgetting it.

Reading Records

Each child will receive a new reading record. The best way to help your child progress is to read with them as much as possible. To develop fluency and confidence in reading will equip the children with the skills to develop in all areas of the curriculum. When you have read together please write a note in the section for that day, nothing detailed just a brief description of what you read and how your child found it. We will read and sign the reading record weekly. If your child reads at least three times in a week they will get a sticker.


New spellings will be stuck into the reading record every Monday and will be tested the following Monday.

Home Learning:
Home learning will be given out every Friday and it is due back by the Wednesday of the following week. Home learning is a really useful way for us to work together to embed the important things covered in school. We carefully choose home learning tasks in line with the areas children most need to focus on in order to make progress. The tasks should only take about 20 minutes. There is no pressure to complete the whole task if you find it is taking too long – it can be the case that less is more in order to consolidate key learning.
Unlike previous years we will not be using home learning books. Each child has a home learning folder which will be kept in school and any learning they bring in will be kept in here. If you require any paper, just ask and we’ll be more than happy to provide that for you.
This week we have been practising counting. To secure these skills it would be useful for the children to count as much as possible at home both forwards and backwards (especially backwards – that’s much harder!) The learning journey for counting is as follows:
·         Count forwards and backwards in 1s up to 20, then 50, then 100 (and beyond!)
·         Count in 10s, 2s and 5s
·         Count in 10s from any number (e.g. 31, 41, 51…)
·         Count in 100s
·         Count in 3s and 4s
Practise will be so useful in building the children’s confidence with number in preparation for the year ahead.


Thanks very much and have a lovely weekend.

The KS1 team

Lower Key Stage 2 Newsletter

We have had an amazing and exciting start to the new year in year 3/4 and we are extremely proud of all of the children for their sensible and mature attitudes towards their learning.  We are very excited for the year ahead and would like to welcome the fabulous Mrs Brook, Miss Bailey and Mrs Henshall to the happy 3/4 team.

We have been blown away by the amount of holiday home learning we have received so far. The children have worked super hard to research an aspect of Viking life which they have presented in many different ways such as: pictures, ICT presentations, fact files, models and lots more. There is still time for your child to bring in some home learning around our new topic Vikings that we can display in our classroom.

Home Learning

As part of the children’s home learning in 3/4, we ask that the children read as often as they can across the week. All of the children have now picked a new reading book and have received a brand new reading record. This is where they can evidence all of the amazing reading they are doing at home. Please continue to encourage your child to read on a regular basis and fill in the reading record. We ask that your child hands their record in on a Monday so we can reward them for each day they have read. If a child reads every day they will be rewarded with a sticker. We will also be giving spellings out every Monday that will be written in their reading records.


During our literacy sessions, this half term, we will be learning how to write a non-chronological report, diary entries and letters. The children will be developing their ideas into both compound and complex sentences using a range of powerful adjectives that they will have banked in their new Magpie books to make their writing more interesting.


This half term your child will be looking and Counting, Numbers and the Number System. They will learn to develop their independence around choosing appropriate strategies for solving mental maths questions, as well as develop their confidence in their times tables. 

Trip to Danelaw Viking Village

On Monday 9th September Year 4 children will be visiting Danelaw Viking village and on Friday 13th September Year 3 children will be going. We will leave school at 9:00 am and return at approximately 3:45 pm.

As we have our year 4 trip on Monday these spellings will be tested on Tuesday 10th September. Please support your child in practicing their spellings every day to help them achieve 10/10 in their spelling test every week.

Group One
Group Two


·         Year 4 swimming will start next Friday 13th September. Please can all children remember to bring their swimming kit and goggles if needed. They may also bring a snack to eat on the coach on the way back to school. This can be a biscuit or a piece of fruit.

·         Please ensure your child’s PE kit is kept in school from Monday-Friday every week.

Have a lovely weekend!

Team 3/4
UKS2 News Roundup:

First of all, we must say. ‘Welcome back everyone’; Team 5/6 hope you have had a fantastic summer and feel ready for another exciting year ahead!
A big welcome to Mrs Moore, Miss Hinton, Mrs Brooks and Miss Morris to the Year 5/6 team! Miss Hinton will be supporting Mrs Moore during the morning sessions and Mrs Moore will teach her class during afternoon sessions; we will be sure to inform you should this change. Mrs Brooks is based in Mr Malley’s class and Miss Morris is based in Miss Gascoigne’s class. Mr Bell, a former pupil, will also be joining Mr Malley’s class each Friday to support children’s learning.
Achiever of the Week:
A huge well done to all the children in the phase for their amazing efforts with their home learning all about America! We have been enthralled with the high quality and wide variety of home learning we have seen so far, therefore our Achiever of the Week simply must go to the whole phase for their exceptional dedication to this! Check out our blog to see a selection of home learning we have had the pleasure of seeing this week!
Splat the SATs (Year 6 children only).
All year 6 children received a ‘Splat the SAT’s’ pack before the summer holidays. Splat the SATs will begin 17th September, these sessions will run between 9am and 10am with Mrs Dale, initially every other week for the Autumn 1 half term (as this is a longer than usual half term). Splat the SATs will then continue every week from Autumn 2. Please ensure your child has their completed papers in school ready for these sessions.
Planners / Reading:
This week, your child has received a planner, where the children should record any entries for reading they have done at home; for every four entries recorded, your child will receive a bookmark sticker and for every ten bookmark stickers collected, they will receive a delicious hot chocolate with squirty cream and marshmallows to enjoy in class over a good book! We do however, ask that parents/carers acknowledge the entries the children or parents/carers have entered into the planner on a weekly basis by simply initialling the planner at the end of each week; the entries will be stamped and signed by the class teacher every Monday. We ask that the children bring their planner to school every day in case anything else needs to be recorded.
In Numeracy this week, we have been learning how to use mental skills quickly to add, this includes finding the missing number to make 100, 1000 and decimals added to make 1; we have taken part in some exciting learning around the summer movie blockbuster ‘Despicable Me 2’, which the children seem to have thoroughly enjoyed!
Next week we will be extending our addition and subtraction skills to some multi-step problems, involving problems around Universal Studios to link in with our America unit. 
In Literacy this week, we have been looking at the features of non-chronological reports and have started to write our own non-chronological report about Florida. Next week, we will be continuing to write our reports, making sure we include ambitious use of capital letters, full stops and connectives within our paragraphs.
SPELLINGS: This week, the spellings are: improbable, important, impossible, impress, imbalance, indistinct, inspire, inspect, inadequate, incorrect. Your child has received a copy of these spelling which have been glued into their planner. They will be tested on these words on Friday September 13th.
Mr Malley’s class and Mrs Moore’s class will have PE on a Monday afternoon, Miss Gascoigne’s class will have PE on a Tuesday morning and therefore ask that all children bring their PE kit in for these sessions. Children are required to  change into their PE kit every session. This half term we will be studying various American dances, therefore indoor PE kit is needed: black shorts, white t-shirt, bare feet or indoor pumps (Miss Gascoigne’s class may wear leggings or trousers as we will be doing street dance and may need to use our knees).
This year, the children in Year 5/6 will be given an exceptional opportunity to develop skills using a musical instrument. The year 5 children will receive a 30 minute guitar lesson every week for the academic year and the year 6 children will all receive a 30 minute violin lesson every week for the academic year. These sessions will commence next week and your child will be provided with an instrument to use during these sessions – how exciting!
In Topic this week, the children have been learning about the landmarks, geographical features and states of America using atlases to help them. Next week we will be learning about iconic American artists and we will be creating our own pop art in the style of Andy Warhol. Please could your child bring in an old t-shirt to wear when painting, if you have one handy!
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