Friday, 20 September 2013

Issue 3 2013-14

Newsletter Issue 3

Friday 20th September 2013


Dear Parent/Carer,

Our extra-curricular clubs started again this week and it was great to see the children engaged in amazing learning even after the bell had gone for home time. Whilst capturing images of our school with my Photography Club members, I was able to have a sneaky look into some of the other clubs in action. It was fabulous to see children in the Reception classroom making beautiful cards with Miss Lambert. We also saw children playing drama games in the hall with Miss Pyatt and Mrs Comstive. As if that wasn’t enough, a group of children could be seen enjoying netball in the playground with Miss Mees and Helen Holdsworth, School Games Organiser from Rodillian Academy. I love seeing the school still buzzing with energy even at 4:00 pm and the joy on children’s faces as they engage in activities which are of particular interest to them.

Expansion update

I am delighted to confirm that formal expansion has been approved (1.5 form entry to 2 form entry) and that the design is progressing towards a planning submission for the built solution. I have been advised that there will at this point be a full school consultation. The Governing Body, along with myself and all of the staff are very excited about the expansion and see this as a very exciting opportunity to ensure that more children in the community can enjoy the high quality education that our learners currently do.

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival celebration will take place on Friday October 18th at Lofthouse Church at 10:00 am. The children in Key Stage 1 will be leading the proceedings. You are all very welcome to come and join us in what I know will be a fabulous celebration. As part of the celebration, we would like to give something back to the community, so we are asking that children bring in food items for us to share with the elderly residents. If you can spare some “long life” items, such as tins, packets or boxes of food, please send them in with your child to display in school before our School Captains deliver them into our community. Thanks.

Two polite requests

Please can I insist that people do not bring their dogs on site. It has been brought to my attention that people are ignoring our policy. You will be asked to leave.

Please do not use the disabled bay outside of school even when dropping off. This will help our drivers who are employed specially to collect children from school to manoeuvre more safely. Thank you all for your cooperation.

Best Wishes to Miss Parker

Miss Parker will be leaving us today to commence her maternity leave. She will be very much missed at Friendly Faces and in the school playground at lunchtimes. All of Miss Parker’s friends and colleagues would like to wish her all the very best enjoying this precious time with her little one.

PTA News
Clare, our Chair, has been very busy this week arranging the dates for lots of fun events for everyone to enjoy. The first being a Halloween Disco to be held on 23 October.
 A message from one of our volunteers "Robin Hood Puddings - 120g Luxury Christmas Pudding, soon available for sale". She has promised that there will be more details shortly, I can’t wait as they sound really scrummy. We have organised a meeting for the10 October to be held at the Half Way House Pub at 8pm. We look forward to seeing lots of parents, grandparents and carers there as we will be making plans for our Xmas Fayre.
As usual if anyone wishes to help out in anyway please contact us on or just turn up at the meeting.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Dale

Next Parent’s Coffee Morning
Agenda for discussion
Monday 7th Oct  9:00am- 10:00 am
Email your views:
·         Communication with parents- update on how we aim to improve and what measures have already been put in place.  Your views.
·         Spanish pupil exchanges- a good idea? Your views
·         Residential trips for Y56 abroad- a good idea? Your views

Nursery newsletter

The children have done fabulously in their first full week in Nursery and I am sure they are sleeping well at night (I know that the staff are!) They have coped well at lunchtime and have started to get to know the lunchtime staff who are: Mr Grenfell (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Butterfield (Thursday and Friday). The whole team are looking forward to accompanying your child on the exciting learning journey that lies ahead of them over the next year.  Have a look on the Foundation Stage blog to see what we have been doing. You can find it at:

Our topic this half term is “Ourselves” so that we have a chance to really get to know the children and build strong relationships with them. We have been assessing their development levels in mark making and book handling/reading skills, mathematics and phonics. This week we will be sending home a shared reading book; please share this book with your child and write a comment in to say what your child enjoyed and could do for themselves. We are practising skills such as holding books the right way up, turning pages and talking about what is happening in the pictures so your help at this stage is very important. If you require any help or support with this please let me know. Thank you.

Next week we will be talking about the children’s favourite books and book characters so on Monday and Thursday your child needs to dress up as their favourite book character and bring in their copy of the book. Please make sure that everything is clearly named! Please also send in a separate set of clothes in case your child wants to get changed before home time. In phonics we will be using our ears to explore sounds we can hear and think about how we can change sounds. In Numeracy we will continue to count to 10 and back and will be working on our number recognition skills of numbers up to 6


·         Please spend some time every day reading with your child and encouraging them to turn the pages themselves and talk to you about what is happening in the pictures.

·         Please bring books and reading records into Nursery every week so that we can change the books and let you know how your child is getting on in Nursery.

·         Please support your child and encourage them to take off and put on their own shoes and socks as they will be asked to do this in PE.

·         Encourage your child to practice putting on and taking off their own coats.

·         Share anything they have done at home which is amazing! We would love to add things they have done with you to their Nursery profile books.

Thank you for your support and enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Steel, Mrs Chin and Miss Fox.

Reception newsletter

We have had another fabulous week in Reception. The children embarked on a magical mystery tour of Robin Hood and took lots of pictures on their tour, which will be available to see on our blog. They are now confident with the layout of the school and even found some rooms they didn’t know existed. A highlight of the tour was when they popped into Mrs Dale’s office and took a picture of her.

This week our topic and literacy has been based around the theme of I like. In literacy the children watched Mr Tumble and learnt about what he liked and then told us all about what they liked. On Wednesday the children made their own TV programme called Robin Hood Reception’s big questionnaire where the children told us all about what they like and don’t like about school. We will act upon this information to help us plan future learning for the children so that all the children are always engaged and enjoying their learning.  In phonics this week we have been practising recognising and writing the sounds; i, n, m and d and reading our key words of the week which were is, it, of, off, on and can. It was great to see that nearly 50% of the children managed to read all these sounds and words and got to visit Mrs Dale for their head teacher stickers, hopefully even more children will achieve 100% next week. In topic as well as going on the magical mystery tour of Robin Hood they made frames for their self-portraits and the self-portraits are now displayed in our very own Reception gallery, they look fantastic! On Wednesday and Thursday the children had an amazing time role-playing a birthday party with Mrs Friar. They wrote each other invitations and cards, made their party hats and decorated the home corner with balloons. Once all the preparations had been done they enjoyed a fabulous party and tucked into some scrumptious buns. In numeracy we have continued to count to 20 and we have pushed the children even further up to 30. The children have really enjoyed the maths games we have been playing.

We are really looking forward to next week as we are learning about our favourite books. On Monday the children will be able to come dressed up as their favourite book character and bring in their favourite book to share with the rest of the class. Throughout the rest of the week the children will be engaging in lots of role play and drama activities building up to their star write challenge on Thursday, when they will write a repeated sentence about the book they like e.g. I like Cinderella. In topic the children will be making the setting of their book in a show box using Fimo. In numeracy we will be playing the Hairy McLary game and the bus game which are based around the concept of one more and one less. In phonics we will be learning to recognise the sounds g, o, c and k and learning to read the words; dad, back, had, and, get and big.


·         Please listen to your child read for at least 5 minutes every day. Help them spot the sounds we have been learning and help them sound out and blend simple words. Don’t forget bug club!

·         The children have brought home a name writing book this week. Please have a look at their target and help them practise it.

·         Please have a look at our wonderful blog.

·         Please encourage your child to show you their wonderful learning at home.

·         Have a go at the ICT games we have been playing in class.

·         Please ensure all of your child’s school clothes and P.E. kit are labelled. If your child brings an item of clothing home that is not theirs please bring it back and we will pass it on.
Have a great weekend

Miss Lambert, Miss Pyatt & the rest of the Reception team
Key Stage 1

Home Learning:
For this week’s home learning we would like the children to use their learning from their literacy lessons to create a poster to get a real animal adopted. Throughout the last 3 weeks the children have learnt all about factual pieces of writing for posters, leaflets and will be moving onto booklets. Their poster for home learning can be designed in any way your child would like with pictures, colour and interesting writing styles (like bubble writing). Throughout the last week we have had a very tight focus on using adjectives to describe the appearance of different things, so please encourage your child to use as many adjectives to describe the look of their chosen animal as they can think of. This can be presented most simply with a sub-heading ‘Looks’ with bullet points to list. The use of text boxes, headings and sub-headings to complete the look of their poster will be applauded and your child might even like to write a sentence about their chosen animal. For example, “This bunny rabbit has got long, soft ear and a fluffy tail. Take him home in time for winter because he will keep you nice and warm!”


Competition Winners!

This week Key Stage One received a very exciting letter through the post from Yorkshire Wildlife Park. As the Year 2 children’s parents will recall, our summer excursion last year saw us taking a walk through the wildlife park to study all the animals as part of our topic. On returning to school we set about the task of creating a poster for a competition the Park was running to promote wildlife conservation. The final master piece was a painted A1 size poster of the world complete with animals native to each continent and a sea full of poems the children wrote around the key words of ‘Conserve, Share, Sustain’. We were all proud of the children’s learning at the time but are pleased as punch to announce that we won the competition! Key Stage One are now the happy carers for an adopted giraffe at the park. To get a better picture of what our final piece looked like, have a look at the display next to Miss McSorley’s classroom.


Our learning in topic has moved on from developing our artistic skills and into the realms of science, focussing on human biology! To get the week started each table drew around one of their classmates before working as a team to label as many external body parts as they could think of. We then introduced the children to the word ‘organs’ including the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, liver and large and small intestine. On handing each group a picture of each of these organs, we stood back and observed what they thought each organ was and where in the body it lived. Well, we had hearts masquerading as toes, livers inhabiting mouths pretending to be a tongue and kidneys that wanted to hear everything so they travelled to the side of a head and became ears! Allowing the children this discussion time and hearing them reason out their ideas is of the upmost importance as well as being really interesting to hear. Each and every one of them really engaged with the functions our organs carry out inside our body (they were amazed that the liver has over 500 jobs!) and posed some thoughtful and relevant questions to aid their learning. This unit will continue next week.


As some of you well know I’m sure, this week’s literacy has definitely sparked the children’s imagination! We started our week by sharing some pictures that we took during a visit to the RSPCA of some very adorable, fluffy baby animals – you can imagine the children’s glee at seeing these! However, we then told them that at the back of a shop was a sign saying, “Pete’s Peculiar Pet Shop – BEWARE!” On entering we couldn’t believe our eyes as we saw for the first time…Flanimals (odd looking beasties and monsters based on books written by Ricky Gervais). After sharing adjectives with one another to describe the looks of these bizarre creatures we all committed to the task of getting the poor souls adopted (no one wants them because they look so ugly and scary on the outside but actually they are really kind and lovely on the inside). We designed our own Flanimal which was the centre piece for a poster describing its looks with interesting adjectives and its habits using verbs and adverbs. The children have focused on how to use bullet points effectively to list and the final pieces of learning are sure to help these Flanimals get adopted! We heard that someone’s Grandad had promised them a visit to Pete’s Peculiar Pet Shop…if you find it, tell us where it is!


This week in Numeracy we have continued to build on our learning around counting and understanding odd and even numbers by looking at sequences. Key Stage One have become ‘Code Crackers’ by using their hundred square and fingers to detect the pattern and rules of a range of different sequences. Becoming more familiar with their hundred squares will help with future learning and is consolidating the unit around counting. We have studied sequences that include hops forwards and backwards in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s remembering and recognising the pattern that these sequences make on our hundred squares and in writing. We have even started counting in 3s, 4s and 6s! We can’t tell you the importance and resonance that the effort your all put into the children’s home learning this week had in class; such tasks provide a real building block for the children to work from and empowers them within independent tasks to draw on all their knowledge. Thank you!
Lower Key Stage 2 Newsletter
We have had such a super week in LKS2! All of the children have settled well into their new routines, and are conducting themselves in a polite and sensible manor both in and outside of classroom. We have been particularly impressed with the amount of home learning we have been receiving, and we thank you for your continually supporting your child!
Our Achiever this week is Imogen from 3/4B. Imogen has proved herself to be a real expert when it comes to the topic of the Vikings showing real enthusiasm when approaching all kinds of activities. She can explain where the Vikings came from, what they did during the raids on Britain and give lots of detail when explaining what they did when they eventually came to settle here. Well done Imogen.
Home Learning
As part of the children’s home learning in 3/4, we ask that your child is reading every day of the week. We expect all children to hand in their signed reading record on a Monday morning so we can reward them for each day they have read. If a child reads every day they will be rewarded with a sticker.
Your child will continue to receive numeracy home learning on a weekly basis, which we ask all children to engage with. The home learning will be handed out in their blue home learning books every Friday and your child will have until the following Friday to hand their home learning back to their teacher. As mentioned above, we are so impressed with the engagement in their home learning so far!
This week in numeracy the children have been learning how to extend number sequences both forward and backwards. We have been teaching the children how to work out the rule before extending the number sequence. We were really impressed with the children’s confidence around extending number sequences and most children even progressed onto extending the number sequences below zero. In addition to this, the children have also been applying their knowledge of number sequences to decimal numbers. We have begun to integrate test style questions into numeracy sessions to build children’s confidence when tackling these forms of questions. We were blown away with some children attempting level 4 questions. Well done! Home learning: Your child will be able to consolidate and show off their learning around number sequences in this week’s home learning.
This week in literacy, the children have continued to develop their understanding of choosing appropriate conjunctions to form accurate compound sentences. We have been encouraging the children to generate their own compound sentences about the Vikings, using higher level conjunctions such as however, therefore, as well as and despite. Next week the children will be writing compound sentences using adjectives to describe different aspects of Viking life.
Your child may have been sent home with a list of highlighted key words. Children are expected to be able to spell 100% of these words by the end of year two, therefore we ask for you to support your child to learn these words to help them progress further in their writing. The children regularly use these key words at school by referring to these grids, so writing sentences at home using the key words would be a great reinforcement and consolidation activity. Once again, we thank you in advance for your extra support!
These Spellings will be tested on Monday 30th September. (The children already have their spellings in their reading records for the test on Monday 23rd September)
Group One
Group Two
·         Please can all Year 4 children remember to bring their swimming kit and goggles if needed every Friday in a bag large enough to fit their entire uniforms and shoes in – we don’t want to lose any belongings. Children may also bring a snack to eat on the coach on the way back to school. This can be a cereal bar or a piece of fruit – no crisps.
·         Please ensure your child’s PE kit is kept in school from Monday-Friday every week.
·         As the weather begins to turn that little bit cooler and wetter, please ensure your child has a suitable outdoor coat/jacket.
Have a fabulous weekend! Don’t forget into check out our blog:

Team 3/4
UKS2 Newsletter
News Roundup:
Splat the SATs:
Well done to the Year 6 children this week, the children attended the Splat the SAT session this week with enthusiasm and all had their packs which enabled the sessions to run seamlessly! Please ensure you have your SAT packs in school each week (leave them in your trays if they are not needed at home).
Leeds Children’s Mayor
The Year 6 children have received some information about Leeds Children’s Mayor, which is an annual competition that allows a year 6 child to take part in important duties such as meeting important people, attending civic functions, presenting their ideas to councillors, presenting awards at the Golden Owl Awards and even being there to switch on the Christmas lights! If any year 6 pupil would like to enter the competition, they need to submit a manifesto of no more than 400 words, beginning with the sentence ‘If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds…’, they also need to have a catchy slogan and create a poster to go with their manifesto by Friday October 4th. If you require any further information, see your child’s class teacher for another information pack, or visit
Achiever of the Week:
Achiever of the week goes to Caison in 56MO. Caison has blown Mrs Moore away with his great attitude and willingness to learn since coming back from the Summer. His contributions to class discussions in topic and Science sessions have been fabulous and he has come into year six with a very mature attitude towards his learning. Well done Caison, keep up the great effort! 
Core Subjects:
In Numeracy this week, we have been learning how to order and compare numbers, including decimals and positive and negative numbers. The children have been applying this learning to some Monsters Inc co-ordinates problems to try and locate where the characters are behind the door!
Next week, the children will be learning how to round and estimate numbers including decimals. We will be applying our learning to measures where we will be estimating and rounding length, mass, capacity and time.
In Literacy this week, we have been learning about the features of a recount and the history behind the California Gold Rush. We have begun to write some paragraphs to form our own recount which we will be continuing with next week.
SPELLINGS: This week, the spellings are: stretch, castle, island, answer, climb, debt, solemn, should, wrench, muscle.
Your child has received a copy of these spellings which have been glued into their planner. They will be tested on these words on Friday September 27th.
Other areas of the curriculum:
This week, 5/6G have been developing their street dance moves. We have been attempting to body pop and have been trying to incorporate high and low street dance moves to form a short routine. 5/6MO have been combining previous rock and roll dancing moves with the cross kick and kick ball exchange. 5/6M have continued to build on the electric slide with heel and toe sequences.
Once again, please ensure that your child comes to school with the appropriate PE kit each week. PE this half term is indoors; therefore the children will need to wear black shorts and a white t-shirt, indoor pumps or bare feet too. Miss Gascoigne’s class may wear long tracksuit bottoms or leggings for our street dance sessions as we may need to use our knees at times.
5/6M and 5/6MO PE sessions are on Mondays and 5/6G PE sessions are on Tuesdays.
In Spanish, the children have successfully constructed sentences which incorporated a greeting, a question which asked where a place in school was, followed by another greeting – estupendo!
This week, the children have been learning about independent, dependent and constant variables when conducting an investigation. The children have shown that they can successfully identify each one and can also understand the importance of ensuring each variable is considered carefully when conducting any investigation. The children have also constructed their own line graph and scatter graph by ensuring that each axis increases in regular intervals and that the data is plotted as accurately as possible.
The children have been collating their own American themed images into their own multimedia scrapbook this week, ready to begin their moving montage next week.
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