Friday, 22 January 2016

PTA Disco Plea

The PTA are hoping to hold a “Valentines” disco on 10 February 2016 (date tbc) – but we need some help!! Unfortunately, both Steph & I have large work commitments at the moment and cannot commit the amount time needed for every job.

Below is a list of the things that we need someone to take charge of. We do have templates for previous events that can be emailed out. It would be fabulous if you could offer to take on even one job from the list. If we are in the position of getting multiple volunteers, we may ask if you are willing to do something else.

1. Invites to be sent into school & distributed. (Stephanie)
2. Posters need designing and sent to school to be put up on doors etc.
3. Reply to invites and ticket money collected from the school office daily. The attendee’s names, class and adults contact details then need to be noted down on a spread sheet.
4. Tickets need to be printed, cut, sorted into classes and sent back to school so they can hand them out to the children.
5. A decision needs to be made on what and how much food and drink is needed.
6. Trips to “Bookers”, “Morrisons” for the food and drinks
7. Risk assessment to be completed & sent into school (Kay)
8. Organise a rota for the three discos after we have managed to get enough volunteers
9. 2/3 people to set up from 2:30pm on the day of the disco
10. 2/3 people to tidy away after the disco (usually finished by 7pm)

We need about 8 volunteers per disco on the evening itself.

The approx. times will be Nursery/Rec 3.15-3.45; KS1 4.00-5.00; KS2 5.15-6.30.

We appreciate that not everyone is in a position to help, we all have busy lives with jobs and children but should anyone be able to take on one of the jobs listed above please contact the PTA at, or leave a message on our Facebook page before Friday 22nd January (this will give two weeks to get sorted).

Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance


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