Friday, 18 December 2015

Goodbye and thank you...

My final message extends to all members of the Robin Hood Community; staff, parents, governors and pupils.
It was in 2002 that I first walked through the doors of Robin Hood Primary School as a 28 year old Key Stage Two teacher; unmarried and full of hope for the future.
One marriage, two children and 13 very professionally fulfilling years later, I am saying a very reluctant and extremely sad Goodbye to Robin Hood and (for some time, at least), the fabulous city of Leeds. I have always said that the reason I have stayed so long is because Robin Hood simply is the best school not just in Leeds, but on the planet. The commitment and dedication of teachers and wider staff is second to none, the support of parents is excellent and the learning environment is one that makes coming to work each day, a real joy. But my mind has always been firmly focussed on the pupils, the heartbeat of our school and it is mainly they that have kept me here this long. Robin Hood pupils are full of life, each a wonderful individual with huge potential. There is a positive energy in Robin Hood which I believe sets us aside from other educational settings; learning with laughter. I have lost count of the number of days that my spirits have been lifted by just the simplest actions of our very brilliant children.
This is a very difficult letter to write as I genuinely feel that I am leaving behind something incredibly special; something which in many ways for me, will never be replaced.
I am infinitely grateful to everyone for all that you have done in supporting me on this long journey. I take with me the happiest memories and only hope that as my family and I move on to our new lives in Dubai, I will be as fortunate as I am now in being around people as wonderful as all of you.
From the bottom of my heart………………….thank you.
Goodbye (for now).

Gaynor Dale

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